Rowina (18 Jan 2011)
"Thank you Leslie Fain from Mariel"

From one widow to another, thank you for inquiring of the elders concerning the
"spirit drumming" heard outside my husband's hospital room in 2009.

We who heard this faint drumming and chanting know that it must have been
in the spirit, as there was no one in the snowy parking lot outside, and beyond
that there was blocks of the old WWII housing of the Los Alamos national laboratory.
And beyond that the burned forest from the forest fire of 2000 which devastated
the town.  Indians do not live or worship in this area, to our knowledge.  They do
live mostly down in the Rio Grande valley miles away in the other direction.  But
the area where the town of Los Alamos is built was part of an ancient Indian

My main contact with Indians here has been two-fold:  twice I have gotten speeding
tickets while crossing the San Ildefonso reservation on my way across the Rio Grande
valley toward Santa Fe.  And my handyman Gerald is a typical part Hispanic, part
Indian from the Pojoaque Reservation in the Rio Grande valley.  Gerald is my closest
friend and helper.  He is a descendant of one of the original Hispanic families (who were
secret Jews) who settled in the region over 400 years ago, making Santa Fe the oldest
capitol city in the United States, predating the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.  The history
here is fascinating.

But we don't know a lot about Indians, except that we love and value them.