Rowina (18 Jan 2011)
"Thank you, Fay, for your sweet prayers for me!"

They are appreciated.  My heart has felt eased the last couple of days.

Concerning the confusion on my name, my given name is Mariel, but my web address included
the name Rowina.  My son had told me when I first went on line long ago that I needed to take an
alias, and I chose Rowina, after a high school friend and after the Saxon heroine of "Ivanhoe" by
Sir Walter Scott.

i did not realize when I took the Saxon web name that I had a connection to medieval Saxons.
On the line which is one-fourth of my heritage, the progenitor was a shadowy figure called Fulbert the
Saxon.  Fulbert's sons received lands in Scotland for their support of Matilda, the inheritor of William the
Conqueror, against her challenger Stephen, in England.  These ancestors, who were followers of the
family who became the Stuarts in Scotland, settled next to the Stuarts in Renfrewshire, and there, more
Saxon people immigrated, such as the Maxwells, who became "one family" with my ancestors.  There in
Renfrewshire, which became part of modern Glasgow, my family built a round tower with a moat, identical
to the round tour built nearby by the future "Stuarts".  These towers were written up as newly discovered
in Pollock Park in Glasgow, in the National Geographic some years back.   Well, just a smidgen of history,
but I think it's interesting that I felt a link to the Saxon woman Rowina when I chose my web-name.

So that is how I became both Mariel and Rowina!

I enjoy your posts, Fay!

Mariel Rowina