Rowina (14 Jan 2011)
"To Leslie Fain on Indian people"

I read the link you put up, with more information on Geronimo and other Indian matters.  It touched me deeply.

I had an interesting connection with Indians, although I have had little other connection:  when my husband
passed away two years ago, the night before, from dawn to dusk, there was Indian chanting and  drumming
outside his hospital window.  This was heard by five people, me, my son, and three nurses, who commented on
it.  It was rather faint but undeniably there.  My son went outside to see if there were any Indians around, but
there was nothing but a snow-covered parking lot with few cars--it was a bitterly cold winter night.

What do you think this signified?  My husband was not Indian, nor was he particularly interesting in Indians.
Many of them live in this area, as we are in Pueblo Indian country north of Santa Fe.  He was of German and
Jewish descent, and a Christian.  Since he was a Christian, I have asked several Christian teachers if they
understand this odd occurrence, as I do not, and none of them can understand it.

It has been a lonely two years since my husband left.