Ronald (6 Jan 2011)
"response to steve"

your post is very good ,,,i also like the tone and flow of your post,,,iam no longer on the fence concerning 2008-2015 timeline,,,,you conveiced me ,,,,however,,,,the bible talks about the blood red moon and the black sun,,,,the bible does not say it comes from eclispes ,,,,it just says it comes,,,it could come from GODS doing in another form different than eclispes,,,just from his power and wrath,,,,it also talks about he stars falling or not shinning any more,,,,that does not come from a eclispes,,,that would be GODS power and wrath ,,,,yes the eclispes are coming that is in stone,,,but  GOD can make the moon turn red and the sun go black at any time ,,,,,and for a longer period than a eclispes ,,,,thank you for the great post