Robin Wester (25 Jan 2011)
"Several Prayer Requests"

Several prayer requests this week:

1-        13 year old girl who went into cardiac arrest New Year's day and still in ICU at Pitt Memorial

2-        My brother in law - Jeff Sauls - having a quadruple heart bipass this week at Veteran's Hosp. in Durham

3-        Mr. Faulkner who owns Faulkner's store in Red Oak - Heart Problems and Pneumonia - ICU Pitt Memorial

4-        My brother's girlfriend's daughter - Breast Cancer, will be having double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, then will need hysterectomy later

5-        My brother in need of permanent, steady work in the carpentry line of work

6-        Other brother - that the Lord will put a Godly companion in his life - hopefully farily local.

7-        Cousin, that the Lord will reveal HimSelf to her and lead her into Truth and Rightness

God Bless