Robert Rose (5 Jan 2011)
"7 Years of Tribulation...The Truth!"

There are those who unknowingly assume Jesus Christ is referring to our calendar when describing events and time lines in the Holy Bible.
Those who try to figure out a timeline for a 7 year tribulation (which I myself are guilty of) do so without considering  the definition of a "year" in the eyes of our creator.
So next time someone tries to come up with a 7 year tribulation/Daniel's 70th week timeline or base their studies on a calendar...consider what GOD recognize as a year and please do consider the following:
7 Lunar years?
7 Julian Years?
7 Enoch Years?
7 Sidereal Years?
7 Years of (360 days)?
7 Seasonal years (Gregorian)?
7 anomalistic years?
7 Draconic years?
7 Vague years?
7 Heliacal years?
7 Sothic years?
7 Gaussian years?
7 Besselian years?
All these years vary from a strictly Solar Calendar or a strictly Lunar Calendar or a LuniSolar Calendar. Maybe what the creator honors as a year isn't any of the above?
For more info, please go to wikipedia and type in "year" to get definitions of each and how long they are. I believe everyone needs to have a solid foundation in which to build a timeline.
What is your definition of a year as compared to GOD's definition of a year?
-Robert Rose