Robert Gray (25 Jan 2011)
"Keep working the puzzle!!"

The Puzzle

The Father sat in a great big chair, in a great big room. On the floor at his feet were all His children playing different games. Over to His left were children playing with different toys.  Over to His right were children playing with board games.  Some were just standing and watching the others.  In the center of the room was a very large puzzle. It was right at His feet. Many children were working diligently on it.  On the side of the puzzle was a very large book.  It was laid open and a large picture was showing in the middle of the book.

The Father looked lovingly around the room. He loved each one so much.  His attention was drawn to the big puzzle and the children who were working so feverishly to get it completed. They would take a piece of the puzzle over to the big book and compare it to the picture in the book. When they thought they figured out where it fit in the puzzle, they took it over to the puzzle and slipped the piece into place. There was rejoicing every time a new piece went into place.

Sometimes they would take a piece that they thought was an edge piece, it looked like an edge piece, and try to make it fit, but alas they discovered it actually fit right into the middle of the puzzle.

Sometimes one of the children would put a piece into the wrong place. It would fit ok, but it just didn’t look right. Soon other pieces didn’t fit either.  Another child would come along and remove that piece, and find a place for it on the other side other puzzle, and it fit perfectly. Suddenly, three or four pieces would fit perfectly into place.  The children would begin to sing and dance around the room in joy.

Sometimes some of the children who had worked so hard, would get very tired, and fall asleep, right on the puzzle! The Father would lovingly pick them up in His big arms and hold them close.  The motion of this act would gently wake them up and they would open their eyes and look into the loving eyes of their Father.  Excited they would sit on His lap and watch the other children in the room, especially the ones working the puzzle.

As the children worked each piece into the puzzle, a picture began to emerge. It started to look just like the one in the book.  They could see the scene of a house and barn.  There were people’s faces and animals all in the picture. They got excited and began to sing and dance again.  The other children just looked at them and thought that they were very peculiar children indeed!

There were other children who were not in the room.  They were outside and often looked in the windows.  They would laugh at the children in the room, especially the one who chose to work the puzzle.  They would even yell and mock those who were so diligent. It hurt their feelings, and sometimes they would even cry.  But soon some of the children, who were comrades in the puzzle project, would put their arms around them and comfort them.  As soon as another piece was discovered, they forgot the taunting and rejoiced with the others.

Some of the children would get frustrated and begin to quarrel.  They would argue that certain pieces went in certain places.  They even argued about when the puzzle would be finished.  Some said it would be done before the end of the day.  Others said that there was no way it would be done so soon, it would take many days.  Then there were those who just said to not worry when it will be finished, but to just enjoy the puzzle. Some just got tired of the puzzle and gave up and went to play with other toys.

Sometimes a piece would seem to be missing.  They could not find it anywhere.  But after diligent searching, they found it under the rug. When they finally put it into place many other pieces fit as well.

As the father watched His dear children, He looked on with joy and pride.  He saw every child.  He saw all the pieces of the puzzle, and He knew where each and every piece went.  So at a time when none of the pieces seemed to fit anywhere, He would nudge a piece of the puzzle over close to where it belonged.  The children would see that, and put it into the right place, soon three or four more pieces slipped

easily into place.

The puzzle was almost done.  All the people were filled in, the dogs the barn, the house, the animals, even some of the trees.  What was not finished was the sky.  That big blue sky was so difficult, so many sky pieces.  All the sky pieces were the same color.  There was just not enough information on any of those pieces, so they left the sky, and some of the trees for last.

Finally at as the sun was hanging low on the horizon, the Father stood and called all of His children to supper.  They all dropped their toys and came running into the Fathers arms. As they were leaving the room, the Father felt a tug at His hand.  Looking down He saw one of His dear children looking up at Him. “Father, what about the puzzle?”

“We haven’t finished the puzzle” The Father looked down in love and
said,” my dear little one, Leave the puzzle. Let the others finish it. As for you my child, it’s time for supper, come on home”