Robert Belanger (7 Jan 2011)
"Re: Rowina"

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your generous compliment. It really belongs to the Holy Spirit who I want to use me as a voice. You need to be encouraged to stand firm in your faith and to not be dissuaded by the enemy who is seeking your downfall. Your heart wants the Lord and I want you to have your heart's wish.
Dear Doves reading this message, please join me in this prayer for our dear sister in Christ who is crying out for our intercession. Your work of prayer will never be forgotten and will count towards your reward at the Judgment Seat of Christ. This is a serious request I am making and I am fully aware that we all will someday answer for how we respond to such requests.
 Let us not think about it for a moment longer, it needs to be done and we are in a position to do it--now. Join me please now in this simple prayer for Mariel.
Dear heavenly Father who sees into our hearts and souls and can respond with compassion and mercy, please look down now on Mariel and grant her simple request for freedom from the disease that provides her body with too many red blood cells. Tell her body to abstain from such activity and return to normal life as You designed it for her.
Enable her to regain her strength and to be able to walk and take care of her home as she wants and needs to do. Father, we often take for granted the many blessings that You shower down on us and sometimes appreciate things that You do only when they are taken away. It should not be that way, Father, we should always be aware that without Your constant and everlasting Holy presence we would be capable of nothing at all, not even taking a simple breath of air or moving our smallest finger.
Please grant her this wish and restore her health Father as another clear and powerful demonstration of Your love for us who are Your children and believers in the efficacy of Your Son's sacrifice for our salvation and daily health. Let everyone reading this and praying for her have their effort recorded as a work and fruit of Your Holy Spirit living in them to be counted on their behalf and rewarded at the Judgment Seat.
We rest now in the knowledge that Your will is superior to ours and should be done now and in all circumstances in the future. We trust and believe in Your Word and will continue living in this world knowing that Your will is indeed being done in and through us, We thank You from the bottom of the heart in us that You created and pray that Mariel will be the object of Your love, mercy and healing presence.
Father, we know so clearly from Holy Scripture that You do not only love us, but are indeed in love with us. In this situation we can and often are in a position to hurt You by our rebelliousness -- later we may (but always should) confess our transgressions, sometimes not even believing that You can forgive us yet another time.
Please help us to reach a level in our love for You closer to Yours, let us not only love You for who You are and what you do, but help us to be in love with You. When we are in love with someone here on earth we do whatever we can to benefit them, even if it ultimately brings pain and suffering to us for a period of time. We can only offer a prayer for Mariel but know that we would do more if we could. Father, You can do more and we ask for Your assistance. Please help Mariel, please, please.
Time is not on our side, Father, for sooner or later all of us it will either be raptured to join Jesus in heaven, or be free to join You in heaven as our body is put to rest in the grave. Before either of these eventualities occurs, help us please to make good use of the time we have by seeking opportunities to help others who need us and thereby demonstrate our love for You, or hopefully our being in love with You.,
Help us Father as we move towards You in this valley of death to ask what is beneficial for our growth and the growth of all Your children who wait to be with You in the future. Please increase our ability to praise and honor Your name now in the time we live on earth and afterward too as we enjoy eternity with You. Your dear Son promised to hear us and plead for our needs when He returned to be with You. We pray and know with confidence that You will consider our request seriously and will indeed grant it if it is for the greater glory of You, Your Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
We thank You again for Your  love and pray that we will always appreciate and honor Your mercy and compassion for Your creatures who want to join You someday and inhabit eternity with You in everlasting joy and happy comfort! Thank You, thank You, thank You forever and forever we thank You for being who You are!