Robert Belanger (4 Jan 2011)
"Re: Prayer for Dee Mort"

Dear Doves,
We all need to take this opportunity to continue making our wedding garment white that we may be prepared to be a part of the Bride of Christ at the rapture. As born-again believers in Jesus death and resurrection to pay our sin debt, we know that we will see the kingdom of heaven. However, we also know that we need to take some actions too after our justification by faith to demonstrate to ourselves and others that the Holy Spirit does indeed inhabit our innermost spirit.
Our acts of denial and righteousness will help cleanse our wedding garment and make it white. We need always to remind ourselves to perform acts of kindness, motivated by love, and take the time to deny ourselves a little here and there to demonstrate our seriousness about being prepared to be a part of the Bride. We are watching and faithful to Your Word and will never give up waiting and watching for Jesus' return in the clouds.
Doves, please join me now by closing your eyes and bowing your head in prayer for Dee Mort the sister of Carolyn who has been diagnosed with copd lung disease, even though she never smoked. Put yourself in her place and pray that your faithfulness will guide you into letting the Holy Spirit send your prayer heavenward for the healing and ultimate joy of our sister in Christ, Dee, who stands in need of your intercession.
Dear heavenly Father, our Creator and Source for every wonderful blessing that we enjoy, look down on your servant, Dee. and please be ever mindful and  merciful towards her at this time. She needs Your healing comfort in order to go on working for You. She will certainly give You the praise and appreciation that You deserve if You restore her to perfect health as we are asking now.
Father, You know that too often we who enjoy Your blessing of good health fail to remember that it can be taken from us in an instant and then we too would be in need of the same prayer that we offer now for Dee. Please soften our hearts now as we think of Dee and remind us that we are all frail human creatures moving ever closer with every passing day to the time of our own death in the body.
Dear Father please, please, have mercy on Dee and let her know deep in the bottom of her heart that You are always with her and will never ever forsake her, if she puts her trust in You. Tell the cells of her body to receive Your light and life, never again to fail in their appointed mission in her body. Bring to Dee a deep knowledge and love for You and the return of Your Son, Jesus, now and at the time of the rapture.
We thank You in advance for Your help and guidance through Your Word for these end times frought with diverse problems and trials for those who love You and are trying to live according to Your desires and commandments. We know in our hearts that You will honor our prayers, because You love us as only a Father can, and that You want only the best for us all.
Please Father help us as we struggle here on earth in our frailty and weakness to bring honor and praise always to Your blessed name. Let a miracle of healing happen now to Dee and prove again that You are indeed a God of extraordinary compassion and grace. May Your name be ever praised now and forever throughout eternity. We love You.
In Jesus precious name we pray and plead to You Father for the very best health for our sister, Dee, as she and we await the beginning of the new age of consecration when Jesus returns for the wedding and the Millennial reign..