Robert Belanger (19 Jan 2011)
"Prayer for Joe"

The employment you desire, and all other good things from the hand of God exist already in the perfect kingdom of heaven that he has created for us. We need the faith to access the blessings of this kingdom. The way to do this is the subject of this message and prayer. 

To begin, we need to remember Jesus' words for when we are experiencing difficult and trying times. He said, repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. (Matt. 4:17) The kingdom is invisible, but is not far away at all, it is at hand. Jesus brought the kingdom with him and showed by his actions how to bring parts of the kingdom the kingdom down to earth. He declared of himself: €œThe Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.€ (John 4:19) While he was God, he chose to live as man, without any special powers -- and that gives us the hope that we also may do as he did in performing miracles, showing wonders, and providing signs. 

We were given the keys to the kingdom of  heaven. (Matt. 16:19) To use these keys, we need to appear as Jesus did to the Father, sinless. Of course this is only possible for us by appropriating Jesus' salvation via his death and resurrection on our behalf, thereby winning the victory over death and separation from the Father. (Matt. 10:8, Col. 4:13)


But first, we must seek the kingdom with all of our heart, mind and emotion before all else (Matt 6:33) €œSeek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.€ This means we must change our conventional way of thinking. We must see the unseen world of spiritual reality superior to the everyday world of sensory sights and sounds. We must place our faith in things unseen. (2 Cor. 5:7, Eph. 2:8) 

Faith is the way to open up God's blessings of the kingdom and allow him to bring them into our lives here and now (Heb. 11:1) The question then is, how do we get the faith to bring the kingdom blessings into our lives now? 

The answer is that we begin by seeing God as the source of all that is good in our lives, and of nothing that is harmful to us. As we worship him and praise him for his goodness we increase our faith and gain more access to his blessings. We also must show our total loyalty and trust in him and try our best to follow his commandments to love God and man. We must also read his word and get to know him better.


Having achieved a stronger faith, we will be able to bring some of heaven into our world. In heaven there is no sickness, pain, unemployment, shortages, poverty, despair and hopelessness. On the contrary, the opposite to all of these plus joy, peace and beauty abound in all regions of God's kingdom.


How to start in the right direction, if you are already saved? Well get into a quiet place where you can let go of all of the fears and rationalizations that haunt the mind of natural mankind.  Listen without speaking before speaking to God as his personal guest in your private chat. Confess all of your known sins and ask for forgiveness, again. He will forgive and forget your confessed sins. He is a holy God and cannot behold sin in his presence.


Praise and worship him as the God that created you and placed you on this earth. Let him know in words that you are sincerely thankful that he hears you and is a good and caring Father to all of his creation. He knows your needs, but wants to hear you ask in faith for his help. So ask him and do so in the knowledge that he will indeed provide the solutions to your problems.




Dear heavenly Father, look down on your servant, Joe, and comfort his heart as he faces his problems of employment and the need to provide for the sustenance of himself and his dear family in these difficult times. Your mercy and provision is needed to drive away the forces of evil that seek to destroy Joe and everything he holds dear, that were given to him by you to be his responsibility as the head of his household. We know that this prayer will touch your heart and that you will provide not only what is needed by Joe and his family, but more than what is needed both materially, financially and spiritually.


Help Joe and his family to draw ever closer to you in prayer and trust, as the last days move ever closer to the rapture and the second coming of our dear Messiah. Let us please be ready at the sound of the trumpets to join the dead in Christ and rise to be with Jesus our Bridegroom in heaven at last. There we will all be free at last of the forces on earth that rebel against your authority and the dominion we have been given by Jesus' death and resurrection.


We thank you in advance for your assistance and promise to provide a testimony of your loving kindness to all we talk to about your actions to meet our needs, We will also increase our praise and honor for your name in the future and will try harder than ever before to live according to your wishes as stated in your commandments from Jesus, with the help of the Holy Spirit as our guide and enabler.


We now accept your peace and rest knowing that we need not worry any longer about the problem of employment and financial security, since you are at work on this problem for us and will soon show us exactly what we need to do, if anything at all, to bring your plans to fruition. 

We love you and thank you again for the your infinite love. We know that your love has no bounds and that knowledge prompted this prayer and gives us the confidence that you will answer our petition at this time. We love you and your Son and the Holy Spirit for being ever mindful of our difficulties and trials.