Robert Belanger (17 Jan 2011)
"Prayer for Cathy"

Dear Cathy,
Yes, the Lord Jesus loves you and your family very much. Never doubt that for even a second. You are experiencing fear regarding the negative biopsy report and are worried about your family and the cost of treatment and whether your insurance will be sufficient.
First, do not fear anything. With God on your side all things are possible, even a complete remission and peace regarding your health issues. Tell you husband not to be afraid, but rather to trust in the Lord's help in this time of need in your family's life.
Dearest heavenly Father, our creator and sustainer through all of our earthly life, look down on Cathy today and reward her belief and trust in Your goodness and mercy by healing her now of her health issues. Please know that she will indeed praise Your name and provide testimony to many of Your assistance. Many will begin to see You in truth and with praise and honor.
Please, Father, remember us all in these trying and painful days. We expect to see Your Son appear at any time for His Bride and are feeling Satan's evil scourging on our lives because his days are numbered and his power will soon be removed over our lives, when we are separated at any time form Your protection.
Protect us now and every day from all evil that may strike at us, and help us in our weakness to call out for Your ever-present help in times of need, knowing that You will never forsake us nor leave us when we do so. Bless Cathy and her family and let them know that You are at this very moment at work to solve their every problem regarding health-related issues, and every other issue as well.
We thank you so very much for forgiving our sins, in Jesus name and through the power of His Blood, and praise Your name now and for ever when we are with You in heaven. We look forward to being with You and know that the day is soon coming when the evils of this world that we suffer now will be forgotten in Your presence.
We praise Your name and offer our love to You and ask that You help us be the people that You want us to be. Enter into our minds, our souls and our spirit now through the Holy Spirit and help us to remember always to pray for others who are suffering here.
Cathy, please rest assured that God will help you in ways that you may not even anticipate. His ways are often mysterious and wonderful. He truly loves us and is probably what we mean when we say "in love" with us. He created us to be a part of His family in heaven and only asks that we accept His beloved Son, confess our sins and strive to do good works through the power of the Holy Spirit to help others in need.
May He bless and keep you now and forever in His protective, healing and comforting presence. He loves you and I do to. Don't worry anymore about the future, He will be with you every step of the way and will guide you every minute of every day ahead. Everything will work out for the very best and you will be completely healed and restored, if you just jump into His arms and let Him take care of you!
With love,