Richard (12 Jan 2011)
"Earthquake Dream"

Hello all doves,

This is the first time in a long time that i remember my dream, normally i don't remember my dreams but this one i could.
It was a verry short dream but i really want to share it, because i think this has a meaning.

I was walking on street in a big city. Suddenly a big earthqeake happend!, so big that buildings collapse.
Everyone was screaming and searching for a place to hide.
I can remember when that happend the clouds become dark and it start lightning.
It was like people know the wrath of God was there, the look on their faces was fear.
There was no rapture at that moment, When i stood on the street i woke up suddenly.
This dream ended on 6:00 AM, normally i wake up with a clear mind, but this time it was different..... I woke up with 21 December IN MY MIND, I also said it directly when i woke up.
After that moment i couldn't sleep anymore and the whole day i got the date 21 December in my head.
This dream didn't give me a clue whether wich year was spoken of.
anyone know why the date 21 December?

Gods blessing!!, Richard (20)