Ricardo Osuna (20 Jan 2011)


Monday November 22 2010


I know that many of us want to know when it is the rapture, there being to many that in our longing we try to find data so we can get any answer, although we are consent that the day and the hour only is known by the Father, we wanted to find something closer, that way we have those who thought that the Jewish feasts can help us, and then we believed that it could be at Rosh-hashana, next expiation, tabernacles, the days than Noah enter the ark, etc like so many I also expected any approximated signal, and suddenly I have this vision, It came to me at 2am.. I woke up feeling bad physically and without knowing what was happening to me, i felt a great weakness and I was aching all over my body, almost had force to talk, my husband began to pray by me and I was getting better until feel better, almost normal, he fell asleep and I began to fall asleep, when all of a sudden the vision came.


I heard a very weird TRUMPET BLAST but beautiful was like a lot of trumpets in one alone, I pay attention and then I saw the space, I saw the earth the planets and the sun and in the distance all the other stars. As it were a movie, all of a sudden it opens a space with clouds and a blue sky itself like the one of the earth, it was weird to see the space and a sky with clouds perfectly clear. Notice than when open, the sound of the trumpets was stronger, and then some angels appear they were thousands occupying the sky, all of a sudden in between them they move away and a manly figure appears very luminous and I could see and  knew that was the LORD JESUS CHRIST, it was like taking down some invisible stairs, when it was more closer, the earth was seen as the size of a ball of basketball, the space looked with planets, sun all the same etc. When the Lord was  closer he stops and then when stops everything lights up of a very white and brilliant light and illuminates planets and to the same sun, then of the hundred of angels some of them go out and go head to the earth, when they go closer to the earth they get smaller, until become lights, look at the angels that stayed with the Lord and until then I see that these were different, they surrounded the Lord to the sides and the whole back, some had some spears that they rested on to the floor of clouds, and other had very bright swords as if they escorted the Lord, they all were beautiful and elegant with white tunics, with golden adornments, at that moment began to return the other angels, the ones that had gone to the earth ( the trumpet kept on blowing ), but they did not come alone they brought people with them, and when this start to happen I heard heartbreaking crying and shouts and wailing that I know that they came from the earth – ‘’the rapture is happening, I told myself, and the crying and shouts belongs to the people that is seeing it and they has stayed ” – And to be coming from a time people began to change their appearance, were many that keep arriving, and then notice something Angels looked beautiful so much so that the humans looked very ugly, all rumpled, tired, old, hurt, it was very contrasting, because they looked as beautiful babies but big, and I thought so we are, except that we did not notice it because we all were similar, it is for mortality, that's why the contrast with the angels is very large they are immortal and incorruptible. And when keeping on arriving spending some moments the people began to change her aspect, the skin began to smooth out itself to become very soft, to color himself, got very bright, the eyes livened up, the lips put themselves of one very soft rose, they started to rejuvenate and they looked very wholesome, the hair changed itself to silky and brilliant, they all started to put beautiful, as if they received really life, we all were standing floating on air and the Lord had his arms extended as receiving the ones arriving, and He smiled to them, when the people stop arriving, The Lord turned by and I saw that of his shoulders a very majestic cape as of king was going out, it began to rise and the angels that were escorted followed Him and then everybody else; When rising we kept on seeing a blue sky with clouds, and we arrive to a plain, it was like a prairie that everything was taken care, with hills, very green of a very beautiful lawn, and there were some white tents, it was similar to the tents that get on a garden for a wedding, they were a lot of tents they extended themselves and I could not see as far as they were finishing, in those tents there was tables right now put and adorned with all of the service, wineglasses dishes etc. And there were standing angels distributed in the tables, as waiting, i reminded to the waiters arranged to suit someone's purposes expecting orders, by that time, when we arrive to the place already the trumpet did not hear itself, but a music, then gradually when we get near the trumpets sounded, let himself be heard a soft music as background, that to arrive it became stronger and the trumpets stopped.


Throughout this nobody talked, we all were so surprised that we did not talk, but when arriving and seeing that place, they started to hear the voices of all talking; I turn around toward the angel that was near me and asks him – WHY THEY SPEAK AS MUCH? And he answer BECAUSE THEY WANT TO KNOW LIKE YOU- AND WHAT THEY WANT TO KNOW? - and asked for they loved ones– it is truth, I thought, and I realized that I had not asked about my loved ones, because i felt a great peace that washed over me, I am going to ask I thought, but in that I feel or rather did hear to my back, as if it happened behind me, but without meaning to turning over, a noise as of a bombardment, WHAT IS THAT? I ask to the angel, IS THE WAR, he answer - THE WAR HAS JUST EXPLODED– also I felt than behind me stepping down earth, a woman was stepping down as disguised, and I asked the angel again who IS THAT WOMAN -? YOU KNOW IT, IS WRITTEN YOU READ IT he answer me – And then I ask IF I AM HERE WHY I FEEL IT LIKE IF LOOK BACKWARD AND SAW IT?SOON HAPPEN, YOU HAVE LOOSE OF THE EARTH AND YOUR SENSES STIL FEEL THE WORDLY, BUT BE LEAKING YOU, YOU ARE IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND EVERYTHING REMAIN BACK, THAT'S WHY YOU FEEL IT BEHIND YOUR BACK, BUT YOU CANNOT TURN OVER TO SEE IT BECAUSE YOU NO LONGER ARE FROM THERE all that sensation disappeared in that instant, and look at the angel surprised and he look at me smiling as saying I TOLD YOU ...

I began to look the place up and down, by that time they all were happy, they kept on themselves hearing the noise of voices, they all talked too much, look toward outside of the tents, and toward the hills, and then look at that they were full of people and animals, the people they all looked beautiful, animals also, there were lions, deer, panthers, doves and birds flying all beautiful and dazzling, - WHO ARE AND WHY THEY ARE HERE? I ask to the angel – THEY ARE THE HABITANTS OF THE KINGDOM, THEY HAVE COME, BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN ANXIOUSLY WAITING, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO MEET THE BRIDE OF LAMB HOLY AND BLAMELESS. Then the environment began to become full of a delicious scent, and then began to dance with us a lights like fireflies, and of somebody who where or like, began to drop petals of flowers on all them that we were there, everything was so beautiful, the petals came from different shapes and colors, it was the whole spectacle and with music being heard. Then look where the Lord was, and I saw that he kept on rising, and I turned around to the angel to ask WHERE HES GOING? And he answered me, HE IS GOING TO TELL TO THE ETERNAL FATHER THAT THEY ALL ARE ALREADY HERE.- Almost immediately, again appeared  angels in the sky in that place , that it was like the one of the earth but more beautiful, and they began to play the trumpets that this time definitely we saw, I looked at again the angel that accompanied me, I was going to ask him and he know to, it seems that he expected that question I was going to ask him NOW WHAT?, When a voice as a lot of voices hears itself and very strong, that he said THE WEDDINGS OF THE LAMB HOLY AND BLAMELESS HAVE COME, and JESUS CHRIST appeared in between the angels and the voice says OUR GOD ALMIGHTY REIGN, BOW DOWN BEFORE HIM AND WORSHIP HIM ALL SAINTS, then we all knelt down and when we made it the vision finish, when finishing it came to my mind that old song that says And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and White and sparkling clean to welcome the king.

Sister Puerta del cielo


This vision was given by the sister Puerta del cielo and was  translated from spanish

I hope that it becomes of great blessing for you

Ricardo Osuna