Ricardo Osuna (10 Jan 2011)
"death of birds and fish!! a prophecy was given in april 2010 from God for this event"

God bless you Doves , i have something very interesting about this event that happen some days ago we know that God is behind all this. God gave a prophecy about the death of thesefish and birds in April 2010 and waas posted it on two web sites. I am from Tijuana, Mexico i will try to be as clear as possible. at the bottom you will see some links all of this are in spanish the first one if from our church the others are from Chile(south ameerica) in the second one you wil see almost all the prophecies given by our prophet Puerta del cielo (door of heaven name gived by the Holy Ghost) i think that is going to be a little hard to find it becuase is very extense, you can find it with this title "profecia 20 de abril 2010". I wrote the prophecy in Spanish then in English.
“Las estrellas caerán, lo sabrás y veras, viene una lluvia de estrellas, no causara daño, será corto breve y bello, pero alarmaran, sabrán en su corazón que anuncian algo mayor, fuerte y terrible. Esta noticia no la podrán ocultar como otras, pues será muy visible, cuando los dirigentes malos y perversos quieran hacerlo será muy tarde, saldrán peces y animales del mar, aves caerán a tierra, todos muertos causaran alarma, poca explicación podrán dar, serán días muy confusos para el mundo sin explicación, como en todo ya no la tienen. Esto solo se explicara espiritualmente (profecía).”
Now in english
"The stars will fall, you'll know and see, is a meteor shower, will not cause harm, is short brief and beautiful, but alarmed, they will know in their heart that something bigger is advertise, strong and terrible. they can not hide this news like other, it will be very visible, when the evil leaders want to do it will be too late, fish and sea animals come out , birds fall to the ground, all dead, cause alarm, may give little explanation, will be days very confusing to the world without explanation, as in everything and do not.. This can only be explained spiritually (prophecy). "
like you see this prophecy was given in april 2010, but is in spanish this prophet is the pastor of our church and i want to share this with if you have someone that speaks spanish at your church ask for help and share this prophecies with your church. This prophecy was posted again to confirm as fullfilled and remember that God is speaking and warning about theseevents
God bless you all.
Please Lord come for us
http://elregresa.blogspot..com/2010/07/queridos-hermanos-que-nos-leen-les.html (prophecies)
Ricardo Osuna