Reddhy (25 Jan 2011)
"Rapture 2011 Or 2012"

Both years are filled with intrigue and are prophetically potent. There will be signs, signs, and more signs . Those with eyes to see will see.
However, as is customary among humans, the vast majority will rather choose to bury their heads in the sand in self delusion as if
perhaps, if they should ignore it, nothing will happen. Big mistake! 2011 might come with scatered earthquakes here and there.
An increase in global pestilences. Food shortages and price increases. Shortages and increase in price of gasoline. Acceleration of
the NWO agenda. Beginnings of next round of global financial crisis. Inflations.
                2012 will come with the ascension of Putin back to power in the month of March. The election of Obama in November.(Yeah I know:
sounds stupid: wait & See). The rise of inflation and devaluation of the $. The NWO will be in place. Earthquakes. Floods. Tornadoes. Etc
The rapture I believe will happen after 2012 but before 2015.
              Although most conclude that the rapture is connected with the number 70. I believe the key number is 77. I will not get into details as
to why in this post. Will do so when the timing is right!