Raul D  (26 Jan 2011)
"RE: Bruce Baber (25 Jan 2011)"

RE: Bruce Baber (25 Jan 2011)
Dear brother Bruce Baber in Christ,
All I can say is all the info discovered either by others, or by it coming to me, all the evidence is used to get a closer date. just because im being led to some info doesn’t mean im very smart but because I have a good teacher the H.S. leading and guiding me, like the Tribulation Money being used in 2011 that I posted earlier it just popped into my head at night. I just humbled myself and asked God to use me, I have seen his mighty hand in my life, I had a false accusation against me by big players in high positions and family, God opened my mind and eyes to see things that I didn't before and to defend myself praise Jesus, everyone in court was left confounded and everything was dropped. Not by my might but by God's I experienced this verse in my life.
1 Corinthians 1:27
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
What I feel is that God's original calendar needs to be used,
I feel im one person of many being used to help resolve the rapture puzzle. Personally I’ve seen and read so many testimonies of a Sunday rapture I don’t think its coincidence, Sunday for some reason seams and feels right some how, praise the Lord Jesus.
I can speculate only on what I believe and its that the rapture can occur anytime from now to May 9, 2011 Iyar 5
All I have to offer is this info and calendar. I feel an ease in my spirit of rest that I didn't have before once I completed the calendar like some how now its finished, now I just need to wait. once the rapture takes place no one is going to care who was right or wrong about dates.. The Lord is letting us know the season thats whats most important anyways, so His coming won't catch us off guard like a thief.
Exodus 12:2
This month ( Nissan )shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall
be the first month of the year to you.
Many Expected a Rapture in 2010, but its not over by God's calendar

March 16, 2010 Nissan 1 to April 4, 2011 Adar 29 is the year 2010
April 5, 2011 to March 23, 2012 is the year 2011
March 24, 2012 to March 11, 2013 is the year 2012
March 12, 2013 to March 31, 2014 is the year 2013
April 1, 2014 to March 20, 1015 is the year 2014
March 21, 2015 to April 8, 2016 is the year 2015
April 9, 2016 to March 27, 2017 is the year 2016
March 28, 2017 to March 16, 2018 is the year 2017
March 17, 2018 is Nissan 1 and is the first day of the year 2018

the limit is 70 years a generation from
May 14, 1948 Iyar 5 + 70 years = April 20, 2018 Iyar 5
Minus 7 years tribulation = May 9, 2011 Iyar 5 this must be the maximum limit to start the 7 year tribulation.

To include Daniel's time line then it could be
Sun Feb 6, 2011 + 2595 days = March 16, 2018 day before Nissan 1

The top limit for Daniel's 2595 day count if used is
Sun March 13, 2011 Adar 7 + 2595 days = April 20, 2018 Iyar 5 the end of 70 years of Israel becoming a Nation.

Blessings Raul.