Raul D  (21 Jan 2011)
"Global Economic Crash starts in Japan"

Greetings Doves,
When the future of the Japan Nikkei Crashes its then going to spread around the Glove like dominos falling, afterwards is Martial Law.
Japan hits ‘critical point’ on state debt
March 2007

Bob's Dream of Global Economic Crash starting in Japan first then the world.
in Bob's dream, in the Japanese Isles there was this stunned shock, horror, as the Japanese stock market was plummeting the Nikkei.
it was like a domino effecting other Nations, from Japan onwards, they declared martial law
this had been set in motion by something, "the shadow government" " they could not stop it"
Bob's dream looks like the same thing as what Steve's contact told him there's going to be a financial EVENT and they cannot turn it around or in other words they could not stop it.

Steve Quayle's contact talked to Him about a financial meltdown, the major financial event will occur His source stated anytime between January to **April** and his source stated that. " they cannot turn it around, nor do they want to".

something big is happening soon, lets hope its the Rapture before the Economic Crash
Blessings Raul.