Paul N. F. (5 Jan 2011)

              REPENTANCE IS RARE
              By A. W. Tozer

Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over
              one sinner that repenteth.
                                                                     - Luke 15:10
                  Humans, deceived by the devil and charmed by their own pride and abilities,
              deny that our world is a rebel province in God's universe.  They deny that human
              society has willfully pulled loose from God's rule and the rest of God's domain.
                  In fact, they deny that men and women are the creation of God.  They deny even
             that they owe any allegiance to God, their Creator!
                  The Bible is the record of how God deals with mankind and we can draw but one
             conclusion: all people are morally obligated to repent and to ask forgiveness of God.
             Failing to do so, they will perish.
                  How rare it is in our day to hear of genuine repentance; We live
             amid a proud, selfish and self-sufficient people, Even in our Christian churches there
             are those who
want nothing more than to be known as "respectable church members!"
             When repentance is real and faith is genuine, the atoning death of Jesus Christ is effective
             for pardon and forgiveness and regeneration. 
Yours in Christ,
            Paul N. F