Pineman (18 Jan 2011)
"Psalm 83 War has already started!"

Dear John & Doves:

According to this blogger:  "The Psalm 83 war actually began in 2006 when both the Hezbollah (from Lebanon) and Hamas (from the Gaza strip) attacked Israel with support from both Iran and Syria. It continued until the U.N. and U.S. forced a cease-fire. It was resumed in late December of 2008 with the Hamas in Gaza after the Hamas had fired 1700 rocket bombs into Israel. It stopped again in mid-January of 2009."

Frank Dimora has an interesting analysis on the ramping up: Here's his Disclaimer: "Since the facts and evidence on my posts and in my book are real as they are taken from news around the world, and this news proves Bible prophecy is actually coming to pass in our generation, the information you read or see may scare you. If you are depressed or on any meds for depression, or have any type of mental disease consult your doctor before reading this material."