Phil (6 Jan 2011)
"Beebe and Biobio and Etna"

John and Doves,
Now what a couple of strange names to put together to get our attention!! Beebe and Biobio
that is!
Robert Rose suggested they are both on the 33rd parallel one North and one South.
However a closer inspection shows they are probably closer to 35 deg N and 37 deg S.
Indeed the actual positions of the dead birds may well be somewhere close to these figs.
I just don't have enough time to research properly.
But I thought that the eruption of Mt Etna on the 37.73 deg N latitude fits in nicely with these
two events being connectd by the similar degrees of latitude.
Is God trying to get our attention? 37 = The Word of God.
God is still incontrol.