Phil (12 Jan 2011)
"Toowoomba, Qld, hit by wall of water"

John and Doves,
With much of Queensland, Australia already under water from massive flooding, Toowoomba, inland from
Brisbane by about 65 miles, gets hit by a tsunami like wall of water on 01/10/2011.
Also the Brisbane river has broken its banks.
At the time of writing (3.40pm, Perth) several people have lost their lives and around 70 are unaccounted for.
Our prayers go out to those who have suffered loss and all those faced with a big cleanup.
English Ordinal gematria for Toowoomba = 119. 911 backwards. 9+1+1 = 11.
119 just happens to be the day # for Prince William and Kate's wedding on 4/29/2011.
Charles and Dianna wed on 7/29/1981.
From 7/29/1981 to 4/29/2011 is 10,866 days. 1+8+6+6 = 21 or 7+7+7.
10,866 days is 29 yrs and 9 months = 357 months EXACTLY = 119+119+119 or 11+11+11.
God is still in control.