Phil (10 Jan 2011)
"Christchurch to Arthur's Pass National PArk"

John and Doves,
Tim Cohen in his book "Antichrist and a Cup of Tea" suggested that Prince Charles might be
the AC and if not then it would be William, his eldest son.
Others have speculated that the World Leader would be a new version of King Arthur. Both
Charles and William have Arthur in their name inventory.
So I was unable to sleep tonight and had a look on the computer and the Christchurch Quake
website and Arthur's Pass Nat Park caught my eye. I did a meeasure and found it came to
precisely half way between Christchurch and the mouth of Pike River Coal Mine or 50 miles.
And probably more intriguing it is at a heading of 333 degrees!!!
Wikipedia says the Park is 1143 square km which is 127 x 9. 127 is the 33rd Prime #.
127 x 9 can also be written 127 x (3+3+3) or 127 x 3 x 3.
Strangely enough Bob Ware tells us that 1143 is the ASCII code for 'Jesus Christ'.
Remember too that from Temple Mount, Jerusalem to Christchurch is 10,000 miles or
100 x 100 miles. Then from Christchurch to Pike River Coal Mine entrance is a further 100 miles
but exactly half way is Arthur's Pass Nat Park at 333 degrees heading!!
Something going on here!
God is still in control.