Paul Wilson (31 Jan 2011)
"RE: To All Doves! "

I still remain skeptical of your timeline. It doesn’t seem to fit things. A Hanukkah conception and Tabernacles birth fit with the feasts and their meaning a lot more. While I know there shall be signs in the stars I am wary of using them as proof positive of theories. How many time have we seen something was going to happen in the stars and the rapture/cataclysm would happen and when the star event happened nothing happened no rapture as foretold by people no cataclysm just life continuing. Our biggest problem is it was 2000 years ago and with different calendars and and differing interpretations of these calendars and the events surrounding the birth we have no certain way to know exactly. Jewish symbols and meaning and prophecies are places to look for timing clues. We really have no way to prove that this alignment was the star of Bethlehem. If you look you can find other sites about the star and about signs of his birth at other times of the year and other years that make “convincing cases” as well. I would avoid basing dating of his birth by the star when we don’t really know what the star was and when it was. I am sorry but I don’t see anything here to change my mind and given sciences anti-christian and anti-religion stance I am skeptical of their “research”. Science can’t explain everything especially God.
Besides the magi followed the star for 2 years based on what they told Herod so this brief alignment couldn’t have been it it didn’t last long enough or start soon enough before his birth. More than likely this was a miraculous star given its appearance from no where and length. And 4/3 33 AD is 16 Nisan not 14 Nisan which is when he was killed the same time the lamb is killed for the Passover meal (I checked with Jerry Golden and he confirms this). This date, because of the 3 DAY and 3 NIGHT requirement, would have to be on a Wednesday or possibly a Thursday and that year Nisan 14 was a Friday not enough time. and in no year between 20 AD and 40 AD does Nisan 14 fall on a Thursday.
On 30 AD it was a Wednesday and is the most likely date of death using the gospels as a guide. Given his age that would mean a 5 BC birth (where he Tabernacled with us) and a 6 BC conception. Quite cleaver of God to have “the light of the world” be conceived on a festival dealing with light. Also it was then he devoted, or Dedicated, himself to the task of saving humanity through being a perfect sacrifice. Apropos for the Feast of Dedication.
Why would REVELATION 12, cited on this site, be a prophecy of his birth when he had been born many decades before it was given and written??
Nicole (29 Jan 2011)
"To All Doves!"

Dear Doves, the Lord gave me a STARTLING revelation.   I was wondering if I should be using the calendar yesterday in my other post.  It is a calendar in which scientists used   (Fair Use for Educational and Discussion Purposes) "Lunar and solar position computations used in restoring the Creation Calendar at are obtained from a C program component provided by Stephen L. Moshier. This program adjusts the ELP2000-85 analytical lunar theory of Chapront-Touze and Chapront to fit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's DE404 long ephemeris on the interval from 3000 B.C.E. to 3000 C.E. The precision of the lunar ephemeris in the Creation Calendar computes timing for the exact position of the moon accurate to within 10 minutes at 2014 B.C.E."

And the Lord said for me to verify two pieces of information to validate if their calendar was correct.   He said to check the CONCEPTION of the Messiah on this calendar to see if it matched up to Rosh Hashanah as the first month in the Civil New Year and the Seventh month in the Spiritual Year.....and if His death happened on Passover.  You see in Jewish tradition they believe that the conception of a child is when they are truly born. 

So I went back to two sources that had dated correctly using the Mazzaroth the conception, live birth and death of the Messiah.   And His conception was 9/11 3BC, live birth was 6/17 2BC, the Magis brought Him gifts when He was about 6 months old on 12/25 2BC (so Christmas is a real celebration!) and His death was 4/3 33AD.   A lot of Christians say Christmas is a pagan holiday and that is a lie.  The pagans are trying to hijack our holiday of giving tithes and gifts unto the Lord.  The have turned it to taking for themselves, by deceiving us and getting our focus off the Lord and onto ourselves.  Many people are dating the birth of Jesus in 1BC and His death in 32AD or 34 AD and I wanted to correct this and let you know to modify your studies in dating. 

Everyone, I woke up at EXACTLY 6:17 a.m. this morning without the alarm coming on!

The sources for these findings are:

So I went to the and I checked the dates of 9/11 3BC (BCE)and 4/3 33AD (CE) and it TIES OUT PERFECTLY!   They did not add His live birth of 6/17 2BC to their calendar but that is OK.   We have confirmation from other scientists that this was the case.

I am HOPING that the rapture happens before the end of the Spiritual Year 2010 before sunset of March 6th, 2011.   I am so excited that these dates are verified correctly and this calendar is the most accurate calendar out there.   All the rest of the calendars used out there are man modified and have gap errors.  

Now a lot of people are using the time of 1BC to date to the year the destruction of the temple to 70AD saying that 1BC was the birth of the Messiah.   1/15 1BC was the death of Herod..   And I find it SO interesting this year that when we were talking about Rapture dates we were all looking to the day of Epiphany which fell on 1/6/2011 this year which was the last day of our Christmas celebration.    This date of 1/6/2011 fell on the Jewish year anniversary of the DEATH of Herod.     So if we are dating from the death of Herod to the destruction of the temple, then yes it is 70 years.   But if we are dating from the conception of Jesus to the destruction of the temple it is 72 years.   If we are dating from the live birth of Jesus to the destruction of the temple, it is 71 years (remember we do not have year 0 and when counting you say 3BC-2BC is one year, 2BC-1BC is one year, 1BC-1AD is one year, etc...try it in Excel).  

I believe because of the precedence that the Lord gave us on the 50 year cycles of 1917, 1967, etc. that we should be looking for 2017 and that using the 70 years is correct, but not based upon the conception or birth of the Messiah, but based upon the death of Herod..   Herod in my opinion was a mini-antichrist which foreshadowed Antioch Ephiphanes which created the abomination of desolation.   In my humble opinion we are seeing a Herod with Obama by a parallel of Herod killing all the newborns and Obama promoting live infantcide.   I believe I had read that someone showed the bloodline of Obama that he was related to Antioch Ephiphanes.   I believe that possibly Obama could eventually walk away from being Herod to this Antioch Ephiphanes, or he is preparing his coming.  

Here is the video of the infantcide that Obama supports, he is much like Herod right now.  Beware, this is VERY upsetting based on an interview of a nurse from Illinois who spoke in front of Congress.