Paul Wilson (17 Jan 2011)
"Re: Paul Wilson Rock of the Devil"

The lyrics are the biggest problem but while Some of the tunes I admit seem innocuous, even pleasant, but remember sound carries directly to the brain and goes to the soul and it can be hard to separate the tune from the lyrics and they go together. But is it a coincidence that the rise of rock parallels the fall of society?? From the British invasion on as rock grew morality shrank. Given it’s connection to our moral decline I can’t in good conscience support a bastardized version of it being in churches.
I see these people listening to “christian” rock and they look like they are in a trance. Trances can be very dangerous and open you up to a lot of troubles same with meditation (and so called christian yoga or yoGod as some call it). Part of the fault lies with me I was raised in a traditional church with traditional hymns and I don’t think the church needs to change and adapt itself to the culture we are to be in the world but not OF the world.
“Christian” rock takes a worldly, and I believe demonic, genre and brings it into the the spiritual by copying it’s style you are trying to use the “best” of it for very different, Godly, purposes (like melting the gold off a idol and making it into a menorah or these days a cross).
I am sure others here will be able to more thoroughly answer you. hopefully someone here who was in the occult and is now christian or with great knowledge on the occult could give some insights.
As for the trees, the rocks, the stones, the sun, moon, and stars God created all these and thus that predates the pagan use of them. Even gold was created by God so as long as you didn’t melt down a idol to get the gold for that ring keep it. But I have yet to find “and God created rock and roll and he said it was good” anywhere.
Spoely (15 Jan 2011)
"Paul Wilson:  Rock of the Devil?"

Come on Paul.  Where did the comment about Rock come from?  I understand the lyrics can be wrong, but the tunes…no way. 

The devil might have stolen the music, the same way he has high jacked religion, the act of sex. Idols are made out of rock, stones, and trees. People worship the sun, the moon, stars.  Does their abuse make them the property of the devil?  Should I get rid of my gold wedding ring because gold has been used in idol worship?  I trust you enjoyed the sun today?  (Maybe not if you live in Michigan.)  Remember the sun was worshiped by the Egyptians.  Does that make it ‘of the devil?’ 

What proof do you have that Rock is the genre of the devil?

I personally hope that some of the tunes of all music will be represented in heaven.