Patty Hayes (7 Jan 2011)
"Doves Urgent Prayer Request"

Hi Doves,
Many of you who listen to Prophecy in the News may know of Tom Horn.  You can read some of his articles or interviews there.  This came from Steve Quayle site.  We all know about the other situation Fox News is reporting on who served in 3 administrations
and was the initiator for the Viet Nam memorial and the ongoing mystery surrounding his final death. 
Here is the request:Tom & Nita Horn's Historic Farm Home Burns to the Ground in Catastrophic Fire: Please keep Tom and Nita Horn in your prayers during this time. Everything they owned in their home was lost, but they are very thankful that besides slight smoke inhalation by Tom, nobody was hurt and the Horn's have strong faith in God to help them rebuild. They cherish your prayers and friendship and will be back to writing and public speaking after they rebuild. Updates to Raiders may be a bit slow the next few days as we help them comb through the debris and secure temporary housing.

Steve Note: I am calling all intercessors to pray as never before for Tom and Nita Horn. This was  either an assassination attempt or strong message delivered, due to Tom's exposure of the darkest realms. Also, I ask that you pray and believe for  God's supernatural protection and angelic intervention over Alex Jones and family, Hawk and family, Greg Evenson's family, the River Pirate and wife and Steve Q and family. Brethren, this is no keyboard battle in cyberspace, but an in your face attack on those who speak the truth. Due to ongoing investigations, I have been asked  not to post the details that took place prior to the attack on Tom Horn's home and family!
And also Jesse Ventura, as he may not know the Lord as Savior, but he is also out there exposing what's happening around us.  Pray he comes to faith in Christ and because of what he has aired on TV put's him and his staff at risk. 
Thanks all,
Patty Hayes