Patty Hayes (26 Jan 2011)
"Launni's Prayer request"

Hi Launni,
Be not fearful nor surprised.  I have experienced this before.  It was said of me that I was hostile and created fights on the floor to Unemployment.  They lost their case when I challenged the company at Unemployment.
I have suffered at the hands of unscrupulous employers who do have revolving doors.  I have been there where you are because of not participating in the culture I am in that gives permission to  use profanity or talk about sex or the latest party and getting drunk or refusal to do illegal or immoral activity on behalf of the company to its consumer base.  Even though I remain mostly quiet unless it was so way off the map so-to-speak I stick out anyway.  I thought that by being as much as possible non-confrontive I would be alright but you will still stick out because you don't "fit in".  We don't talk, walk or think the same as the world around us. We come from a different culture now and going home to our own country.
I understand being persecuted for the Name of Christ and learning to rejoice is difficult but we do honor Him when we stand with Christ. I will pray for you to not lose sight of whom you belong to, whose you are, and to remember that Satan has been defeated.  Keep you eyes and mind fixed on Christ, the Author and finisher of your salvation.  Do not let the enemy come in and tell you you are not worthy, not smart, or whatever lie he might try on you.
You have family here and we stand together in the Love of Christ.
In the love of Christ,
Patty Hayes