Patty Hayes (22 Jan 2011)
"Kevin Heckle Post"

Hi Kevin,
How very sad for Glenn.  He has had many a good Pastor speak to him and I remember when Joel Rosenberg used to come on his program due to Glenn's inquisitive nature about End Times.
I don't see the Pastors anymore nor do I see Joel anymore.  I knew something was not connecting since denouncing what is happening around us we all are aware of as just conspiracy nuts.  And..using his show now to teach Universalism, all faiths lead you to heaven.  He has gone down the path that Oprah has taken.  Too much influence, $$ and power.  What a sham, what a shame.
Had he just stuck with politics, I might have continued to watch.  Now, it is sometimes just very soft background noise while cooking and waiting for the News.
I hope you can catch the DVD of Perry I referred to in my post.  It is urgent to know this as it is embolden the Islamic world.  You can actually see the Demon spirit in full form from the IPhone sent to Perry by his contacts.  WOW!!  Keep up the good work and continue following our Lord.
Patty Hayes