Patty Hayes (15 Jan 2011)
"Native American Indian folklore or real"

Greetings again,
I thought I would share some thoughts about the concept of the Native American Indian and the thought they might be from the lost tribes of Israel.  First the tribes went throughout the world.  The question is was it the "known world' or throughout all the earth. 
Well, the geologist and archeologist have dug up ruins from the Ancient Phoenicians here in America and that has been common knowlege now.  I guess Columbus didn't land here first.  Then I was listening to Perry Stone talking about how it is being finalized about the Cherokee Nation from where I come from, on my mother's side, that they are from the lost tribes of Israel.  My brother has been involved in doing our family tree (by the way we were never Mormon but actually Steve would come closer to the Bhuddist faith since he has married his wife who is Bhuddist. 
He came back with the same information and that the Cherokee Nation is finding out that their ancient markings are the same as the block style Hebrew writing.  As one whose family went to the same college as Jim Thorpe, the famous runner in the Olympics, and being a breath's hair shy of being half blood Cherokee, I am excited about that.  As a matter of research, there are five tribes that are being considered as having their history springing out of the lost Tribes of Israel.
This is not a Mormon idea, but is being researched by Archeologists.  There is research today in South America regarding the same idea as we are learning the Lost Tribes went everywhere across our world and not just the known world.  As for the Tels in America, archeologists are looking into that as they seem to relate more to the five tribes in question.
I, for one, would be excited once their determination is complete and published.  By the way, this is being done by secular science, not the Mormon church and that makes it even more profound. 
In conclusion, How and Shalom! 
Patty Hayes