Patty Hayes (13 Jan 2011)
"Mike Curtiss"

Greetings Mike,
Thank you for your letter.  I have been watching Glenn for a couple of years or so.  And, I have watched the entire 8/28 wishing I could have been there.  It was absolutely awesome to watch.  I also am a frequent writer to Glenn.
I am glad he has been transparent about his Mormon faith.  And, I am sure upon any reading of the Mormon faith you will read that there are much in contradiction to the Christian faith.  But, I have had a deep respect for his attempt at discerning the political climate we have found ourselves in.  And I have appreciated his research of Progressivism that is seeking to take this nation down.  And I have been appreciative of
his association with those whom we do know are Bible-believing Pastors.
Since I had in my discipling time with those who have walked before me in Christ who had always taught me to think through what is being said and sift it out in comparison to what the Scriptures teach, what I am hearing from Glenn over these past many days is NOT the Mormon doctrine but rather, UNIVERSALISM which is the teaching that all paths lead to heaven.  He says that by saying get close to God whomever you believe He is.  Either doctrine is where I cannot go with Glenn.
In his earlier dialogues he has been open to his Mormon faith but not proselytizing.  He has had good associations with the Christian community all the while realizing that they agree to disagree, agreeably.  The common ground was protecting this/our nation.  I could honor that and support protecting our nation from complete failure and embracing socialism/communism.
But, as of a few days ago, he has brought to his leadership staff one with whom he has very strong stance against and that is of the Huffington Post which is a liberal media outlet in association with George Soros.  This is a complete reversal of his stance which is confusing.  I have to step back and ask the question, IS THIS NET NEUTRALITY on the airways, the for and against staffing the Gov't and FCC has asked for?  Or, if not, has Glenn been speaking from both sides.
I asked that same question last year when he had on his show a guest from Popular Mechanics debunking the Detention Centers.  I asked, if you believe the country is going down the road to socialism it is a leap to accept the notion of detention centers as history shows we have had them here before? So, why then, I asked, is Glenn wanting to debunk the notion of detention centers here stateside?  So, I asked who is Popular Mechanics and what is their ties, financially and what is the political viewpoint of the magazine?  So, I traced the money trail and found that George Soros has financed it via through several hands.  And, we all know of George Soros.
So, why then, I asked, if Glenn is taking financial, verbal attacks and threats upon his life to defend our nation, talking against George Soros and the Progessive regime, why then did he utilize one of them to make an attempt of mockery to the notion of Fema/UN detention centers?  I thought, this time Glenn did not do his research.  But, wait, Glenn always researches. So, to me this does not make sense.
Then just a couple of days ago, on his TV program he made the statement in reaction to the shooting in Tuscon, that no one had stepped up to lead and that he will lead us.  I thought, Glenn, there have been many voices, and several on Fox had good and strong statements to bring civility and logic to the conversation.  I could not disagree more.
He said that not even Sarah Palin had not stepped up to the plate to lead and therefore he will be our leader.
I do not think I need a "leader" as I was immediately writing to ABC denouncing their attempt to politicize a tragic situation early Sunday morning.  I didn't wait for someone to tell me what I should do.  I also wrote my own condolesences out to Gov. Jan Brewer as I saw her near tears as she lost a dear friend.
As one who has been engaged in our political process since the 1970's, involved in the then Moral Majority, and writing, voting and speaking at an event in the 1990's on local TV, I can always stand with people who may disagree with me when it comes to the Christian faith but love our nation.  But, I ask only to be consistent, be transparent and not thinking that they have to "lead".  I think better terms for Glenn would have been, "facilitate" and that I could say yes to politically even though we would most certainly agree to disagree regarding our faiths.  But, also, I have a need and that need is to be consistent politically as well, and if you are hiring onto your staff one with whom you have had a VERY STRONG POSITION AGAINST and calling out their position politically as a threat to our nation, then something has changed.  And....I must be discerning and asking what IS GOING ON HERE?
If Glenn has retracted his position he should say so and explain where he stands now politically.  But, as I read last night, Fox's CEO has asked all under him to reduce the rhetoric and soften the language.  So, even Fox is cratering now to the rhetoric of the White House and the minions of the Socialistic Elitism in our nation.  So, Hannity, Glenn, and all are being told they must soften their positions.  That is a very sad day in our nation.
I also noticed on Fox they have hired those from other media outlets that have historically been taking the Progressivism stance.  So, is Fox as a whole changing?  And if so, the lights truly are going out in our nation into complete darkness.  And we as Christians are in more danger than ever as known here in the USA.
We need to stand together as family in Christ and love each other so that they will know we are truly Christians by our love for one another and our love for our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, Yeshuah Ha Mashiach.  And, as always, I will pray for Glenn as he does need to know the true Jesus, he and his family because I care deeply.
In His Love,
Patty Hayes