Patty Hayes (10 Jan 2011)
"Response talk from CNN, ABC and Fox News"

Hi all,
I have watched differing news media outlet, and the fallout from this horrible deed as very alarming.  CNN and ABC in particular have discussed going after those on Radio and Cable Networks that speak out against our Gov't or say anything against it.  On CNN I heard talk about Sarah Palin's bullseye on that section of Arizona targeting it as well as those who incite anger against our Gov't.
It will be introduced tomorrow in the House a Bill that will declare it a FELONY if you speak out against the Government.  Those discussing it were not pinpoint directly to those on the airways, but, included anyone that would discuss or speak out or criticize our Gov't.  Sarah Palin's name came up quiet often.  They think her bullseye she used during the campaign should be considered and example of a Felony.

The one Sheriff overseeing the investigation is also speaking in hostile terms and encouraging it to be illegal to say anything negative about our Gov't as it might invoke someone to go out and act out their anger.
I am glad that on Fox News, this sheriff was being interviewed by Meygan Kelly as she went from being very sensitive to respectfully responding with her legal background back to the sheriff reminding him that he himself is doing that very same thing, inciting anger.
Early this morning I wrote to ABC as I heard this rhetoric taking shape and asked for them to cease from this as they were politicizing this event and not sticking to the facts and using this situation as a platform to go after Rush, Glenn, Sarah and others.
If this law is passed, it will be a very sad day for this nation as the Free Market of ideas will not be allowed in the town square.  Please pray for each of us and this nation.
Patty Hayes