Patty Hayes (10 Jan 2011)
"Mike Curtis & Ernie"

Hi to you both,
I have been a faithful viewer, and writer to Glenn Beck over the past couple of years or so.  I saw that even one time he did use something I had written.  I even enjoyed the 8/28 Washington D.C. gathering.
I do pray for Glenn, and even more as I have continued to watch him.  My concern for Glenn is that he has made a call to get close to God, but, to my concern, he hasn't made clear as to whom is God.  Anotherwords, he has encouraged that you get close to  a god whomever you believe he is.  I do watch him throughout the entire hour and at times have listened to his radio program or got on to his website.
Prior to the 8/28 he called Dr. Richard Land of the So. Baptist National Convention and spoke with him about communicating the Gospel clearly to his audience.  He has talked much about Redemption and had surrounded himself with several good born again, Bible teaching Pastors.  But what many do not know about Dr. Land is he along with Rick Warren are part now of the CFR.  And other guests on his show are a part of the CFR or paid indirectly if you follow the money (so-to-speak) by none other than George Soros.
I found that out when he was debunking the Detention Centers and had on his program a man in whom I questioned from Popular Science.  So I googled and learned that even Popular Science is indirectly paid for by George Soros. The money goes through several hands before it gets to the Board and Exeuctive staff at Popular Mechanics.  Is it any wonder why Glenn for so long wanted to debunk much of what we discuss here on 5 Doves?
He clearly had communicated and gave a clear and concise debate against the Progressive movement that has taken hostage over the political and media centers of our nation.  His heart has been big, open and pretty much transparent about who he is and what his hopes and dreams for he, his family and this nation are.
As one who writes to Glenn weekly, I have, over the past few episodes, become quite concerned.  I see a move away from his platform dealing in the political and social world to now a pulpit expousing Universalism.  I would not call it Mormonism but clearly Universalism.  He does not provide his audience that clear definition of whom God is.  He now seems to exposes the notion of getting close to an unnamed God, whomever you decide He is.  And, so others understand, I have researched, witnessed to, and lived for a while next to the Mormon Temple.  I am fully aware of their "doctrine" and do not accept their beliefs as correct, but another gospel, another cult.
I care for this man and am hoping to get through on his email to where Glenn himself reads.  I would encourage each of us to pray for his salvation.  Now, as to the notion of the GB logo being linked to and or an indictment of his being linked to Free Masons, it may or may not be.  I know that many believe Billy Graham is also a Free Mason on the top tier of Masons.
What I hear coming out of the mouth of Glenn rather than trying to make something that may or may not be as true concerns me even more.  What I am hearing from him makes me feel like I am watching all over again, the same thing that happened to Oprah who also left her Baptist background, the Christian faith to basically, witchcraft as the Scriptures teach.
I may be watching the "beautiful side of evil" that seems to now be ensnaring Glenn and rather just talking for or agains him, he needs us to pray, to share the True Gospel and pray some more.  He is talented in so very many ways and has been open to Christian pastors before.  But, now I read that he has taken on the staff of The Blaze, the former CEO of the Huffington Post which has been a large part of the Progressive Movement.  This person will oversee the operations of The Blaze. To be fair, he has also hired on a former CEO as well to the main Headquarters in Radio and media outlets that hired Rush, Glenn, Hannity and others that are liberal as well.  All of this is suspect.
After listening to his discourse on the deaths of the birds and fish and confirming that this was universally known around our world, he wanted to state that this is a normal occurance as he googled this a found the sights going back no further than about 2005 or thereabouts.  He did no comparisons about this phenomenon prior to 2000 a.d. whether this was exponential in size and scope, or always this way or non-existent. If all he found was what he reported, then it begs to be asked, WHY NOW?? WHY IS THIS A NEW PHENOMENON TO OUR NEW CENTURY?  This research failed miserably in my estimation and knew I would fail on my thesis in College if that were the substance of the paper.  Thus, since he wanted to espouse this as routine, do not worry, and therefore putting the audience back into slumber.  And that, for me, is an uncomfortable place to be.  As Christians we are to be alert, discerning to what we hear and comparing it with Scripture.
I just pray that I can get through as well as others.  So, continue to pray for Glenn, but, remember to be sifters of what you hear and compare it with what the Scriptures, (our authority) teach.  Pray that I articulate well my concerns and the True Gospel with him, that will be receptive to him and non-threatening and that will get past his staff directly to Glenn.
Best to each of you,
Patty Hayes