Pablo (27 Jan 2011)
"To Dewey and Nando (RE: Pablo)"

Dear Dewey and Nando,

Thanks for the comments they are very much appreciated.

@ Dewey, LOL I knew something smelled fishy!... scatology is not the same as escathology! thanks for the correction =) I also agree with you on the pale horse, I believe the pale horse is given power over a fourth of the earth but it doesn't necessarily mean it'll kill them all in an instant but more like in a moderate period of time, i've read about sources saying that there's going to be a severe economic currency devaluation, and if you add to that the huge food shortage the experts predict because of droughts, freezes, etc., then there's the mysterious plague that killed all those birds and fishes, I wonder if eventually something will happen to humans?, well anyways, looks like we are in for a nice preview of the black horse (if it isn't in fact the black horse).

@ Nando, I do believe the 2 witnesses overlap at a given point, although i gotta admit... I don't have all the answers, just like everyone else here I'm trying to figure them out =) but to me it is no surprise that christians die and suffer and have been since Jesus ascended, so it won't surprise me if more christians die during the opening of the seals, this is just part of a christians life, some of us will go through severe tribulation while on this earth, just like the apostols and disciples went through, just like the christians that were killed during the holy inquisition, just like the 6 million jews during the holocaust, just like many christians around the world nowadays die because of their faith, it'll keep happening, I'm really not scared if indeed we do find ourselves here on earth during the seals (although my wish is that I'll be with my Lord Jesus when this happens), but all in all, and I'm sure you will agree with me on this... His "will" be done! and eventually we'll see how it all pans out. Regardless we are in His hands and it can't get any better than that =)

Peace be with both of you, brothers in Christ.

In Christ's love,