Nando (24 Jan 2011)
"Bill's question of the Generation of 70 years and my reply to him"

John and doves I am sending a question that I received in my blog and the answer I gave. The subject has been a major point of posting in doves for quite some time. The one asking the question has at times been rude and offensive, but this question is well articulated and merits a thoughtful response from me. Here is the question and my answer..
John thank you for this site and may god keep blessing you.


I have a question i was hoping twelve books could help me out with. we all know Israel becoming a nation back in 1948 was a major prophetic sign, and we also are told that this generation that sees this happening some will still be alive to see the second coming. according to the bible and as best as we can figure out a generation is 70yrs. that means around 2018 or around that date the second coming is supposed to happen. which means the rapture should happen sometime within 2011 considering the tribulation is 7yrs. If 2011 and 2012 go by and nothing happens what possible calculations could we use once those dates come and go? this is really the only thing that worries me and i hope you could give me some insight on this.

Bill this is a very good question and I am glad that it was asked in an objective, thoughtful and biblical context.
The answer is involved and I am going to try to enunciated in as clear a manner as I can.
There are several signs, prophecies and scriptures that our Lord Jesus gave both in the New and Old testament concerning His plan with the human race He created.
The regathering of Israel to make them a nation again is not only mentioned in Mathew 24, but in Ezekiel 36,37 as well as in other minor prophets of the old testament. In Mathew 24 He mentioned the generation that saw the fig tree giving forth his leaves will see His coming.
Along with knowing the significance of the birth of Israel is the fact that many other prophecies concerning the fate of this nation once it was formed were also given. In Ezekiel 38 and 39 the prophet mentions the nations that will be against Israel at this time and their total destruction. Psalm 83, the prophets Zephaniah, Joel, Daniel, Isaiah, Zechariah 10and 14-12, and many others describe events that were written by the prophets many years ago and their writing describes the present state of Israels enemies as if the writer was a present day journalist giving the news of the day. The book of Revelation describes the panorama of events concerning these nations to perfection. The white horse rider representing the Antichrist with the nations of USA and EU with all the allied democracies of the world, the red horse representing Russia, the Islamic nations and all the communist (red) nations of the world.
The destruction in terms of quantity can only be conceived with the weapons of mass destruction that is available to the nations mentioned in these prophecies.

On another very important way the plan of God spans a period of 7,000 years form the creation of Adam and Eve to the end of the Millennium kingdom of Jesus.
>From the genealogy of the book of Genesis to Abraham we have 1946 years and from then on History gives us an approximate count to the present. We are approaching the 6,000 years total where man and Satan were permitted to rule in this world. The next 1,000 years are very fast approaching and Jesus will rule then to complete the 7,000 years.

Well to summarize all these thoughts in a concise and simple way, the time is at hand for fulfillment of God’s plan. The more you know of the Word the more you can be aware of the situation that we are presently in and I would advise you Bill and any other person that reads these words that you get closer to Jesus. One of the best ways to do this is to read the Bible and the prophecies written there and to pray constantly for the Holy Spirit to guide you.