Mspivey (6 Jan 2011)
"re: Suzi"

Suzi,  I agree with you about Obama, in my opinion it is very questionable as to whether or not he is a Christian.  A Christian must show or bring forth fruit as the bible tells us.   If anyone does the research or homework on him they should clearly see that this man is confused as to what it means to be a Christian.  There are reports that state the reason he converted from being a muslin to a Christian was due to one of his college professors telling him to.  The professor is stated as to saying that if Obama was interested in becoming the president of the US one day(as this was a long time dream/plan for Obama) he would not be voted in as a muslin.. Therefore, no doubt  why he made his decision to convert.  If you look at the church in which he was involved/member of for 20 years, you will see that this could not be a true church of Jesus Christ.  For goodness sakes they accept Muslins as members.  And use God's name in vain towards the US.  Just to mention a few faults.... Anybody with their eyes open and minds set towards God will and can see the truth.  Those who fail to see have blindfolds on and believe anything anybody says without looking behind the curtain of truth.  The devil is a liar and a deceiver.  Don't you think that the antichrist himself, only in example, would and might lie about his own spirituality if it served his own purpose/destiny?  Wake up people.  So is Obama actually confused or does he know exactly what he is doing by claiming to be a Christian?    Think about it long and hard.