Mike Curtiss (3 Jan 2011)
"Bruce Warner (1 Jan 2011) "IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER..."

Hi Bruce and Doves,

        Its a sad and pitiful truth that most of the Zionists and their apostate socialist cabal will not survive. Those that say they are Jews and are not, will die before they will bow down and worship Jesus Christ as Lord. The numbers are appalling, roughly 80% don't accept Jesus and receive their proper inheritance.
        The majority of Israeli's hijacked the native Jewish population by adopting Judaism to gain social status and take advantage of the many blessings God has preserved for the Jews. Those non-native people are called the Askenazi Jews.
        In Revelation the lives and souls lost reach genocidal and catastrophic proportions. God has venom stored up for the phony Askenazi Jews. Special treatment for those that say they are Jews, but are not. Its sad and totally unnecesary.
         God Bless and keep all of you, Amen!

                                           Mike Curtiss