Mike Curtiss (20 Jan 2011)
"Marshall (19 Jan 2011) Harmony and Love Brings People Together, Division Won't"

Brother Marshall,
      Mormonism alone doesn't automatically prohibit a soul from heaven, but it will certainly limit their number down to a fraction. I sincerely believe that souls will be saved out of all faith traditions even the nominally Christian ones.
     Of course salvation is not due to any mans work, but out of the mercy and grace of God Almighty. Just as pagans will be saved out of their ignorance from distant lands where the Good News (Gospel) has not been preached. There are mormons who've never heard anything but The book of mormon. By grace, we are saved.
     Several years ago I lived in Nauvoo IL. The mormons had just returned from Utah with massive church's wealth, which they used liberally to build a new 'temple' in Nauvoo. As a well known Christian of moderate to fair renown, I had an apostolic target on my back. Anyway, about once a month two nice young men doing their two year mission work would drop by my office, or my apartment. We always parted as friends. I'd like to think that several of these young men re-examined their 'faith' after hearing what the Bible has to say about salvation. In fact, I know a few became evangelical Christians. Not by my work, or power, but inspite of it. Don't be afraid of polite conversation with anyone. You might be their last chance. How else will they learn if you won't speak with them? If I would have denounced them, no dialogue would have ever taken place.    
         Suffice it to say, I was on the frontline of a war between those who follow Jesus Christ and another gospel literally. Many were so convinced of the justness of their cause they became hostile. What I discovered inside all this zealousness surprised me. The witness the mormons give us of proper 'family life' is profound. They have large and productive families, which stick together despite their situation.
( recently Pamela Smart's family) Evangelical Christianity could learn a lot about family by watching individual mormon families. They even say 'families are forever' in their promotions. As the ultimate Father, I know this makes God happy.
     Hussein recently said that deciding upon an abortion was above his pay grade. Well, for once in my life I agree with Hussein. Deciding who gets to go 'home' to the Father is not my call. It is certainly way above my station. I'm a broken, humbled, convicted and sinful human being thats merely passing through; I'm ready King Jesus.
     Let me make myself clear. There won't be very many mormons in heaven, but the power and witness of Jesus Christ is much better than the confusing words of man. We need to be people of grace that befriend all. Especially, those on the wrong path. Please don't think that your faith is so fragile that some smart 20 year old kid can somehow snatch you out of Jesus' hand. Jesus even tells us not to worry about being dropped. He will surely save all those given to Him by the Father. Casting mormons aside, or condemning them won't win any souls to the truth. Love will, division won't. Thats the card the ancient enemies playing to destroy the message. Don't let him shut anyone up, or fragment our nations just cause.
      Lets celebrate what a huge and positive impact Glenn Beck has made in only 16 months. I have Tivo-ed every one of his shows. My memory doesn't recall any promotion of mormon faith. I can't honestly remember any open, or covert promotions of mormonism. Glenn does promote and praise billionaire John Huntsman philantrophy. Be mature enough to tune him out if he transgresses away from authentic Biblical territory that misleads. Treasure a true revival of our land. Glenns been leading that open peaceful revolt. I never dreamed that anyone could accomplish what the Tea Party Express has done in the face of an openly hostile media.
        We absolutely need to stick together on issues we share ( The Constitution, the rule of law, immigration and the Federalist Papers ). Glenn has inspired people out of hopelessness and isolation. Grant him his due and move forward together in the vast areas we agree upon and share. Divide and conquer has been the enemies plan from the begining. Hussein and his evil cohort practice helplessness, dispare and dependence. Until Glenn Beck lit the fire of patriotism, the enemy had almost won.
        In DC, before anyone signed the register of the Black Battalion we were warned to be agents of truth and light. GB and the organizers of the event knew how the hostile mainstream media MSM would attack us.. So, before the BB could be mustered there was one rule; no proselytizing, or provocation of any kind. All eleven thousand present and 150 thousand signatores were in complete agreement. If these wise men can lay down their agendas can't you? Celebrating and protecting our blessed Judeo-Christian America is the only agenda I've seen out of GB.  
         To date, I still haven't read or heard any mormon banter out of GB. I'm sure your sources, url's etc, all come from legitimate places. I don't doubt your intentions are good and wholesome, but remember Christ has made us immune to lies, He wrote us all an extensive instruction manel, so we couldn't be led astray. All praise, glory, honor and thankgivings be to Jesus Christ our Lord!
                                       Agape Love,
                                                                   Mike Curtiss