Mike Curtiss (12 Jan 2011)
"Wow, Patty Hayes (10 Jan 2011)  & Ernie"

Dear Sister,
         You spent a great deal of time writing your wonderful letter; Thank You. Let me respond in a courteous, respectful and God honoring manner.
         As many of you know, the Watchmens job is to alert the brethren to the soon coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are also charged with watching over the flock and alerting them to the presence of 'wolves in sheeps clothing' I salute your efforts to protect us all.
         Glenn Beck's vision began a extrordinary movement away from the communist, or fascist pathways that surely awaits this sleeping, lazy and immoral nation. It takes time and serious committment to turn the great ship of state around. In my opinion this nation clearly deserves chastisement and divine judgement. Glenn Beck and the Tea Party Express started the ball rolling, he must be given credit for educating and chanalling public opinion away from the ruination that comes with political correctness and compromise. We are in a new era of hope and the restoration of our Constitution by peaceful protest, grassroots activism and zealousness in our hearts. A peaceful civil war could only happen in a nation that follows the wisdom of 2 Chronicles 7: 14
        As part of the 9/12 movement, I was allowed to witness a remarkable assembly of 'The Black Battalion' (BB) which gathered the Friday night before the weekend rally on the DC Mall. During the American Revolution a unit in the Continental Line was actually made up of pastors, preachers and laity; they called themselves by this designation the BB. Friday night there were 2500-3000 pastors and rabbi's together calling upon 'King Jesus' to hear our voices and heal our land. This spirit obviously comes from Ronald Reagan's favorite Bible verse. When he was inaugurated POTUS, the Reagan Family Bible was open to 2 Chronicles 7:12
 'If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.'
        You could have walked 4 feet off the ground at this event Patty. This was just a foretaste of God's mighty powerful love. Each one of us can hardly wait to see the face of God. In DC, we witnessed miracles, renewals of the backslid-den, recommitments, reconciliations, charity and goodness. The Holy Spirit erupted spontaneously all over the meeting room, it spilled out into the hotel lobby, crossed a busy street onto a packed Mall and finally came to rest amidst the statues and monuments where agreatful nation pays omague to God's work among His chosen men.
          Once the worship service concluded, the clergy separated itself into companies, squads and platoons. This happened without anyone speaking a word Patty. They followed the Holy Spirit out into the Mall and into American History. Its time to reform, or its time to die.
      These groups travelled from the meeting area out onto the Mall were many thousands more people were preparing to camp and stay overnight. Groups were singing complete hymns from memory. Perfect strangers walked along in wandering chiors all night. People that never met before were sharing, singing and praising Jesus.
      It was literally an otherworldly event, a sacred peace that was out of this world. Everyone was convicted of their utter depravity and God's complete righteousness. This knowledge caused grown men of the cloth, practiced members of the clergy to cast off their masks and pretense. Everywhere pastors, families and even policemen assigned to the event broke into whailing sobs of utter joy, relief and grace.   
      Grown men reduced to puddles of tears as the Holy Spirit fell upon us all. They didn't stop praising God and singing until a crystal clear dawn broke magestically over our nation's monuments to God. In the light of that new dawn perhaps 100,000 people could be seen down on their knees praying. You could have heard a pin drop.
       We have all had a small taste of God somewhere along the line. What happened on 9/12/10 was God Himself offering up even more mercy and grace. Thats why we are now His watchmen Patty. We have tasted a crumb off the Master's Table. Until 9/12/10 most of us were broken down and fallen before our ancient enemies endless attacks.
       After that weekend "We His People' have had hope restored. Ask anyone about witnessing miracles on the Mall. Gods grace was so powerful that it began the process of sweeping away decades of un-Constitutional abuse. Bills defunding NPR, Planned Parenthoods abortion mills and introducing a balanced budget have all been filed, Obamacare will be done away with shortly. 9/12/10 formed political and spiritual bounds that can't be broken by mortal man. Widespread victories in the mid-term elections were merely the firstfruits of 9/12/10, it will continue to be the life blood of this nation.  Thank you for reading this far.
           May God Bless all of the Doves, our friends fighting evil within the halls of power and the people of Israel. Amen & amen.
                              In Jesus' Name,
                                                   Mike Curtiss