Mike Curtiss (10 Jan 2011)
"Prophetic Links Abound in Congresswomans Murder"


Dear Doves,


       Everything that happens has prophetic importance. Often we wonder why, but most of us know that bad things happen to good people..

       Yesterday, I posted a remark about the Congresswoman's survival after taking such a grevious head wound. Along with some of you I wondered if this has Biblical importance to us. All of us know about the wound the AC takes to the head yet survives. Does this sound plausable to you? I don't know! The other 'prophetic' shoes hit the floor today.

       Precious 9 year old CHRISTina Green was born on 9/11/2001

the day our ancient enemy destroyed the World Trade Center! Thats right guys this child came into this world when the WTC was destroyed by anti-christ muslim terrorists (are there any other kind?) She died on 01/07/11.  Maybe one of our Doves can investigate these numbers. 

       In contrast to this world, the girls father appeared on TV today. He was a weeping image of grace and mercy toward all. He went so far as saying that perhaps the shooter needed more love when he was a child. It might be seen on Fox today, or watch it on Youtube because its remarkable.

       The flipside was the interview given by the democrat County Sheriff who was snide, derisive and accusatory toward Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and even our Constitution.  Likewise, an interview of the Congresswomans father was also charged with threats, anger and malice. These men also blindly accused law abiding patriotic Americans and God fearing Christians for the attack before it was determined that the shooter was a Leftwinger angry, because Giffords didn't vote for Pelosi last week. 


       John Green, the father of Christina, the little girl who was killed yesterday in Tuscon. It was a remarkable interview and if you didn't get a chance to see it, someone will probably have it up on youtube later.

What was SO striking to me was his attitude. He said it would be wrong to have "more controls" because of this- that Christina wouldn't haven't wanted that.


He said what's great is how free we are in America.


He said random things have and will always happen.


He said he has the love of his friends and family and his faith, and perhaps if Loughner had some of it this might not have happened.


He asked that we pray for his daughter, Christina.


Here is a man, in the midst of unimaginable pain, reminding us that life IS random, that some things simply cannot be prevented and that our freedoms are more important than any "controls" that may be sought to prevent this from happening again.


God Bless this family and Godspeed, Christina...


Lets lift them all up to King Jesus!



                                             Mike Curtiss