Mike Curtiss (10 Jan 2011)
"Jim H (8 Jan 2011) Tetrads"

Hi Jim & Doves,
             Whats remarkable about these lunar eclipses is the extremely rare tetrads. Lunar eclipses are common enough affairs. However, when Mark Biltz linked four yearly tetrads to the fate of modern Israel, everything changed. With tetrads of lunar eclipses coming to us on repetitive feast days is a quite rare and noteworthy occasion.
'There shall be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars'
             Clumping 1918 into the mix doesn't fit Jim.. Nothing is rare about the two lunar eclipses that will occur in 2018.. Its only the series of tetrads on Rosh that the Almighty calls us to consider. There are none after 2015/2016 for 300 years.
             Thats also why I believe we are already in the 70th week of Daniel. Its almost the third year of the Trib now. Do you honestly think we can last 7 more years on this earth. I certainly don't Jim. Check out the NASA website again