Mike Curtiss (10 Jan 2011)
"More About 11111"

Dear Doves,
          Bruce posted eloquently about a January 11 Rapture. Let me add this one item. Most posters here are aware of the UPC codes, which identify products for sale at every store these days. Five ones is the same as 666 of Bible prophecy. Wow, what if the mark 666 appears at this time and place, so that we would know when we are to be raptured out of satans grasp.
          The Hussein Regime will not miss the opportunity to abuse power. I just heard that they plan to use the Leftwing murders of six people in Arizona as an excuse to issue a new national ID card? It will have both UPC codes and computer codes that a reader can scan large numbers of people in a crowd. The legislation that will institute the 'mark' on each and every American will be proposed in committee this week folks.
                                                Mike Curtiss