Mercer (4 Jan 2011)
"The 8th Day"

Dear Doves
I have just read "The Jewish Holidays" by Michael Strassfeld. This is a totally jewish book. On page 158 he talks about the 8th day!!
To Quote:
"Shemini Stzeret and Simhat Torah are preceded by Sukkot, again, seven days followed by one day, but here there is no intervening period as there is between Pesah and Shavout. Shemini Atzeret is the 8th day-that is, the day after 7.
Seven being the perfect numberin Judaism, signifies a complete unit of time-each week ends with the seventh day, Shabbat. Thus the eighth day is the day after time.. It is the end of both kinds of time. It is thus not just a promise of redemption but the actual moment of it. God said "Remain with me (atsert) and extra day. A time beyond time.
Shemini Atzeret is a taste of the messianic, of the time when Torah, the Holy One, and Israel will be one." end quote
On page 132 He writes that Psalms 118 is read during Sukkot "everyday right after morning amidah" Usually Ps 118:1, 118:25, and 118:29
In JR Church's book about prophecies in the Psalms he tells us from Genesis to Psalms is 19 books. From Revelation to Psalms is 48. 1948. Wow.

 People thought Jesus would come 2000. But He could not. He needed a day count of 1. He did not in 2001.......following the pattern of Yom Kippur He gave us 10 days/years of repentance 


So here we are at 2011 and we can start our count. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 and then 8, the day after time...Psalm 118. Israel is delivered!! Praise the Lord


Psalm 114 The Jews leave Egypt......what do we have in 2014-15. The last of 8 Tetrads since the birth of Jesus


And we should not forget the 2008, 09, 10 solar eclipsed on av 1. That was a big clue. Mark Biltz did a great job.

Somewhere in here the Great Tribulation starts you would think, right? Psalm 118 has the Jews delivered.


On a personal note that might shed insight. 2 weeks ago I went to see our financial planner. He spent 2 hours with my husband and myself.


He uses many ways to chart the cycles of world finances. To make a long story short, he chart the world markets back to 1774 with pinpoint accuratcy.


 In 2011 a perfect storm is brewing. He said the market will do ok for a while but in 2011 something will happen to cause the market to dramatically fall with several cycles hitting within the main 120 cycle in mid 2014. "It will be worse than anything we have ever witnessed" he said.. He kept using the word precise and precision as he spoke.


Now isn't that interesting? 2014! Well I did something....I took 2014 and subtracted 120 years, then again, and again within the time frame since Jesus came. I got 16 -120 year cycles that took me to 94 AD. Don't most scholars put John writing Revelation around 94-95 AD?



I'm not good with numbers but thought 16 (8+8) cycles of a 120 years sounds like God Math to me.