Matthew (17 Jan 2011)
"Discernment for Glenn Beck Fans"

Various reasons why people should continue to support Glenn Beck have been posted on 5 Doves.

Fortunately, more posts have been made exposing him for who he is and what his agenda is.

The last excuse I heard a fan use was that Beck is encouraging great social reform, not attempting to influence anyone’s spiritual life, so why not endorse him?  ENOUGH NONSENSE. He is presently opposing the God of the Bible, PERIOD.

Two documents clearly confirm this beyond a shadow of a doubt to any Christian.


1.His latest book, “Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life” transcript, “Glenn Beck; Lessons from the Tower of Babel” Nov 17th, 2010. In black & white, Beck himself describes his unbiblical, New Age, and universalist beliefs. If you can’t get a copy of the book to read, check out Brannon Howse’s book review posted Jan 12th,  2011 on the Bible Prophecy Blog.  Mercer’s Dove posting on Jan 13th will also link you with that book review.  Regarding Beck’s interpretation of the Bible’s Babel account, it was presented on his regular television program; therefore, aired for the world to see & hear.



Here follows a recap of that Fox News broadcast where Glenn Beck discusses the Genesis 11 account of the Tower of Babel:

1)”And then the mortar that holds it [the Tower] together is the stuff, the material. Not the – not their common experiences of spiritualist or even history… And I urge people to read the story and listen to us, not as if we’re describing some long forgotten historic event…

2)”But the bricks represent people.”  So, the bricks supposedly represent people?

3) “- the mortar is very related – same word really as the word materialism… The mortar that will hold those bricks together is materialism.”    So, mortar represented materialism?

4)”After the Great Flood, everybody on Earth was getting together and then, all of a sudden, somebody had a different idea: Hey, how about we all speak one language and we’ll build a tower to reach the sky?” So, people spoke different languages before the Tower of Babel, and then they were led to speak one?   

5)”… the very first time socialism or communism or new world order was tried was the Tower of Babel, right?”

   So, Babel is really about communism?

“They think they are doing good and that’s why God didn’t punish them.  He blessed them by making them stones again, right?” Therefore, God didn’t judge the people at the Tower of Babel? He actually blessed them by making them individuals again (represented by the different languages)."


WOW! Does this not sound like an outright attack on the history of this event recorded in the book of Genesis? A well-known Christian apologist clearly feels this is the case. Furthermore, the Bible makes it clear: people rebelled against God as they built this Tower and God judged them by causing them to speak different languages. The Christian apologist further states that the Tower of Babel enables us to understand why there are different people groups(not races)

in the world.  All humans are descendants of Adam, all related, and therefore all are sinners in need of the gospel.  The Son of God became our relative, although he was the perfect man, the “God-man”,  who died on a cross to pay the penalty for our sin. Thus, He offers the free gift of salvation to all.


The Tower of Babel wasn’t a fable written as a metaphor for socialism! The bricks were bricks, and the mortar was mortar. Another Dove suggested that we need to pray for Glenn Beck. Great reminder. We should have never stopped; just as we should for all that are lost.

One last appeal: As watchmen on the wall we must be bold in Christ.  Ezekiel 33:6 reminds us of our non-negotiable duty to warn and sound the alarm on false teachings and false prophets, while we are waiting for our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lord of the universe to return. His Peace be with you all.