Matthew (17 Jan 2011)
"New Age Hype"

I was just led to check out The European Times, the source used by 1/15/11 dove posting, “Obama Orders Military To Prepare for Spring Food Riots”. 

After my  investigation of another news items in The E. Times, I have arrived at the following advisement…

WARNING to all Doves:  In The European Union Times Online Jan 11th, 2011 video “Operation Black Swan” by Colleen Thomas, she presents her scenario on the cause of mass bird and fish death.  In her 16 minute video on phosgene poisonings she endorses metaphysics and telepathy toward the end of the production.

Thus this can hardly be considered reliable news. For born again Christians, let’s not contribute to hysteria in these last days and certainly not support the occult. 

Since there are no Discernment 101 classes readily available to us, let us pray for the Holy Spirit’s continual guidance.

May Christ keep you all in perfect peace,