Mary Anna (5 Jan 2011)
"Fay  -  To Myra Lewis and Doves"

Greetings Fay,

    You've got me back in Revelations!  One gets a Blessing of God to read it as it says in Rev. 1:3, "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand."  Amen.

   When one grows up in a family with a Dad a Methodist minister, sometimes it has the reverse affect on the children that it should have.  Have you ever heard the term PK?  It's used in a derogatory sense meaning 'preachers kid' and always refers to a bad kid.  Nevertheless, we did get to know the Bible and memorize a lot of it.  It was my grandmother (father's mom) who taught me the most.  We lived close to each other in Baltimore, MD.  I can remember she had a rather large picture on her living room wall of an artist conception of the Rapture!   Grandma made sure we memorized John 3:16.

 So, Fay, you would certainly have my grandmother's approval with your studying of Revelations.  I remember J.R. Church comparing the Psalms with the year and I followed that but lost interest when I couldn't make a relationship between the Psalm and the year at the time.  Will follow your suggestion as I read Revelations.

   Yes, the Lord led me to John Tng too just about a year ago.  It was all coincidental that I happen to come across his web looking for something else.  Immediately I felt this is IT and Thanked the Lord!  One thing more Fay, I think your heron is an angel from God.

See you very soon in heaven.
Your sister in Christ Jesus,
Mary Anna