Mary Anna (19 Jan 2011)

Of late I've become captivated by Moses!!   Hebrews had become slaves to Pharaoh. Pharaoh became anxious the Hebrews had become too numerous and was afraid that one day would rise up against Egypt so he pronounced an edit that all Hebrew baby boys age 2 and under should be thrown into the river.  Moses was born during that time and his mother not willing that her baby son be killed, hid him in the bulrushes in a waterproof basket. When one of Pharaoh's daughter's came down to bathe in the river she saw the basket and heard his cry.  When she saw him, she believed he was a Hebrew baby her father was killing and took him for her own son.  Moses grew up in the palace and since his sister Miriam had been watching over him, offered the princess her mother as his wet nurse which was accepted if Moses was returned back to the palace.

   As time went on, Moses through circuitous circumstances learned he was not an Egyptian but the son of a Hebrew slave.  When he was grown he saw an Egyptian knock a Hebrew slave to the ground.  It enraged Moses to killed the Egyptian, believing that no one saw him at the time but, he was seen.  When Moses learned the Pharaoh knew and wanted him arrested, Moses fled to the land of Median.

   As Moses was keeping the flock of Jethro (Median's priest and his father-in-law) one day he saw a burning bush but the bush was not consumed. God spoke to him from the burning bush.  Moses asked who he was and God answered, "I am the God of your fathers Abraham, Jacob and Isaac.  The Lord told him that He had seen the deep sorrows of His people in Egypt and heard their pleas from their harsh taskmasters and that He would take them out of Egypt into a good land flowing with milk and honey and that He wanted Moses to go to Pharaoh demanding that he let His people go.  Moses tried to welch out asking God to get someone else, that he was slow of speech and tongue but God said Aaron his brother, would go and speak for him.  With sincere belief in God's Word, he and Aaron obeyed.

    Pharaoh (we know) eventually did let God's people go but not until he had to witness and feel God's terrible wrath to his peril because he didn't listen or believe God's Words.

   Is this not a de'ja vu now?  Who in the world is listening and believes God is Coming soon for us?  Joshua and Caleb were the only ones selected to lead the Hebrews into the "Land of Milk and Honey" because they never doubted God!  We too will go into our land of milk and honey in heaven soon as God has said!

Believe and receive....Doubt and do without!
Mary Anna