Marilyn Agee (7 Jan 2011)
"Rowina (31 Dec 2010) Re: email program"

I was constantly having problems with Earthlink. Not being a computer geek, my home wireless network would often be 2 weeks without Internet before I could get it and Earthlink both operating again. I zapped one computer in the process. I plugged in some piece of equipment and drew a spark from the electric plug in another room. It fried my computer. A ground wire had slipped off the screw in a plug in another room. That was not Earthlink's fault, but I was trying to install equipment that came from them.
I finally gave up, got Verizon's FIOS as soon as it was installed in our area, and have had very few problems ever since. What a relief, and they installed it. I didn't have to do a thing but "introduce" the other computers in the house to the new router. I followed the installer's directions, and that went smoothly too. What a difference.
If I remember right, you can use Earthlink's email program even if you are no longer with them. However, for me, Outlook Express is more reliable.

Marilyn Agee
Rowina (31 Dec 2010)
"A little New Year's miracle!"

Well!  I had a miracle tonight, an answer to prayer.

I had been wrestling with my e-mail program with Earthlink for weeks.  My
son, who is more computer savvy, wrestled for weeks, and talked to "Earthlink"
in India (where their techs hang out) for hours.  I talked to a tech for an hour and
a half one day.  And India called me the other day because my previous "session"
had been unsuccessful in restoring my ability to send mail out on Earthlink.  I worked
with that tech for about 45 minutes, then had to abandon efforts because I had to go
to an appointment to have my chemo-therapy shot.

My son set up a gmail account for me, and I used it for a week or so.  However,
I had been with Earthlink for many years, and had many useful links.

During the early morning hours of December 30, an hour ago, I awoke feeling
very distressed.  I needed God to help me.  I reached out to Him and asked Him
to show me He is there, caring for me, by restoring my Earthlink mail program.
I told Him I would call India yet again, and He could have this call restore my
program.  Even though more than four hours of previous effort over weeks had failed.

Within four minutes, I sent my first test mail out, and it went!  For the first
time in weeks, without the tech I was talking to doing anything except talk to me!
What a beautiful answer to prayer.  What a lovely sound, hearing my mail go out,
and then receiving it in my in-box!

The tech in India wished me a happy New Year, and I wished him the same.
His voice was so kind, it was as if I spoke with an angel.  Possibly not an angel,
but a human being filled with the Spirit.

Mariel Rowina