Mariel (28 Jan 2011)
"The last straw, the non-veto?"

I read this morning that the presidential administration will not veto the
current resolution against Jews building in East Jerusalem, and I guess
that must include settlements as well.  To me this is the last straw.  There
was some hope that the administration would veto this resolution.  But
it seems the die is cast, if the administration goes along with this evil
resolution.  Israel will have lost her last hope for us to be on her side.
Yes, we might still give some aid and defense weapons, but we will
have sided against God's land.

You and I do not agree with this and we did not vote for Obama.  My
vote against Obama was my first Republican vote because I could see
the handwriting on the wall.  I went to vote on my walker, being in
recovery from shingles.  I couldn't get Irv to go as he was less than two
months from death.

I know the rapture has nothing to do with our own agony over this, or
our private pains.  It will come on God's time schedule.  But I wonder if
this "last straw" will not precipitate it, for judgment will fall now on the USA,
unless this is changed at the last moment.  God will not want his own to
go through the even-worse horrors coming, will He?  I certainly do not
expect that He will.  "Ye are not appointed to wrath."