Lynnette (22 Jan 2011)
"Jimmy Lishman: Watch for He returns..."


Dear Jimmy-  Well done! I appreciate your well spoken insights so much & decided to send it to a Christian minister friend
 who in the past wasn't normally considered a "watcher". He really found it quite interesting & encouraging too !Thanks, Lynnette
Jimmy Lishman (4 Jan 2011)
"Watch, for HE returns shortly"

Dear Doves,


Paul Reminded The Christians of Christ's Return (1Th_3:11-13)

As we should all know, the theme of both epistles to the Thessalonians is the second coming of Christ. No truth establishes the believer faster or better than this one. In the midst of testing and tribulation, these believers could assure and encourage themselves with the promise of His coming. When temptations came their way, as they did daily in those heathen cities, they could keep themselves clean by remembering that Christ might come that very day.

If weary of laboring and witnessing, they could take on new strength and courage by looking for His return. No truth in the Bible has a greater effect on the believer's heart, mind, and will than the truth of the second coming of Christ.

Read Luk_12:42-48 to see what happens to the servant who forgets the coming of Christ. This man did not say anything openly; he merely said in his heart, "My Lord has delayed His coming!" He did not love Christ's appearing. Is it any wonder this servant backslid and could not get along with other workers?

Paul was anxious that their hearts be established blameless; note also 1Th_5:23. Christians are supposed to be blameless and harmless (Php_2:15). This does not mean they are sinless, for perfection is not possible until Christ returns. The little child, copying his name on the blackboard, does not perform faultlessly, because he is only a child; but if he does the best he can, he is blameless.

If we live up to the light God has given us and seek to grow in Him, we can live lives that are blameless in God's sight. The daily expectancy of Christ's return will help the believer keep his or her life clean (1 John 2:28-3:3).


Keep the faith and encourage one another - Refrain from listening to the Dis encouraging words of those who just love to say.. "My Lord has delayed His coming!" - NO keep the faith of the fellow worshippers alive by encouraging them to WATCH!



A 'Watchman' in the One who completes our faith