Lynnette (19 Jan 2011)
"Daniel 's 12/31 message from GOD"


Daniel- This Message from GOD bore witness in my heart.

Over time I've made copies & placed it around in various public areas of town.  I use clear sheet protectors found at the Dollar store & staple the message on telephone poles near bus stops & crosswalks. They are holding up well during the weather. Though some have been removed-  I know at least the person removing it had a chance to read !  and likely many more!
( I do remove the doves link info at the bottom for reasons- to keep any hostile responses from appearing to John.) 

While posting one - I met two young ladies staying in our area. Later the enemy worked to discourage me. I hadn't said more to them. At the time, I was trying to discern the thoughts that came to me- whether they were all from the LORD or not during the situation.

Brother K. P Yohannan's words in Mary Adam's posting here proved encouragement from God to me.  I realized  being obedient was to step out for the LORD. I trusted the LORD would bless the words & things I did for HIM during the time I was with the young ladies  & later prayed they would read it ALL when at the bus stop the next time.

  Any I do can be trusted to HIM, & He will finish the work. I endeavor to  be obedient& confess to HIM when I miss it.
Most every time I learn & become better equipped./THANKS John & Doves, Lynnette