Linda Spencer (17 Jan 2011)
"To Muster A Prayer"

To Muster a Prayer

I sit here thinking and wanting to pray,

but to me the ability seems so far away.

I look around and all I see,

is sadness and gloom staring back at me.

Lord, I am so sorry for my roll in this,

a perfect world Lord…WE missed!

We’ve messed up what you intended,

we missed it Lord cause we couldn’t comprehend it.

I sit here Lord with tears running from my eyes

at how we’ve bought into the lies.

The schemes of Satan are so full of flair,

we thought we knew but were SO unaware.

I don’t know Lord, but from what I CAN see,

your children’s souls are feeling just like me.

Help me Lord, for in my despair

I find it hard, to muster a prayer.


Torrential Floods, dying birds and fish out of the sea,

What a glimpse, this says, of our humanity.

Humanity is dying for I know not what to do,

But humbly pray and surrender unto to You!

Tent cities, burdened hearts, hundreds of thousands destitute

Lord, I find it difficult, to remain resolute.

Cold, hardened and unforgiving hearts

Ridicule, fighting, yes! This is our part.

In a world You created, to be so perfect

Forgive us Lord…we shirked it!

Believing ONLY what our eyes could see

We abandoned You Lord, for the sake of ME!

Now we’re called Laodicea, WE’VE GOT IT ALL

And now…we don’t need ya!

Help me Lord, for in my despair

I’m finding it hard, to muster a prayer.


Sickness, drought, hunger and loss

Is what we find…is the cost.

Of choosing to do things our own way,

Instead of honoring the HUGE Price You paid.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes that deploy

the regurgitating sin the earth can't even deny.

When acts of love dwarfs in comparison

to the stark reactions from people,

It brings much sadness and…upheaval.

We come to You Lord, in our darkest hour,

To beg forgiveness, because YOU hold the power.

But to us who know You Lord, we know this is true,

we know He will ALWAYS…forgive you.

For JESUS to forgive yes!...this is nice!

but for me, to forgive, one must pay TWICE!

For JESUS to forgive, oh that is good for you!

For me to forgive, that is quite difficult to do.

Help me Lord, for in my despair

I’m finding it hard, to muster a prayer.


Sometimes in my darkest hour,

I find my soul…lacking power.

I bowed my head to muster a prayer

and found no words of solace there.

So here I stand Jesus at Your mercy,

Struggling to find words, because I am thirsty

Thirsty to see beyond my own comprehension

Your plan for me now, in this dimension

Lord, to know you came to make us whole,

I realize YOU are food for my soul.

For You placed within me, when I’m in despair

The person of the Holy Spirit, when I’m not quite there.

He speaks for me, the things I cannot utter

When I try and find I...only mutter.

This is a sad commentary but it is so real

The many of you know, exactly how I feel

Lord thank you for your help, in the midst of my despair

When I’m finding it hard…




Blessed Be His Name


Your Sister, Linda